Announcing ClusterControl 1.7.5: Advanced Cluster Maintenance & Support for PostgreSQL 12 and MongoDB 4.2

Forrest Lymburner


We’re excited to announce the 1.7.5 release of ClusterControl – the only database management system you’ll ever need to take control of your open source database infrastructure. 

This new version features support for the latest MongoDB & PostgreSQL general releases as well as new operating system support allowing you to install ClusterControl on Centos 8 and Debian 10.

ClusterControl 1.7.4 provided the ability to place a node into Maintenance Mode. 1.7.5 now allows you to place (or schedule) the entire database cluster in Maintenance Mode, giving you more control over your database operations.

In addition, we are excited to announce a brand new function in ClusterControl we call “Freeze Frame.” This new feature will take snapshots of your MySQL or MariaDB setups right before a detected failure, providing you with invaluable troubleshooting information about what caused the issue. 

Release Highlights

Database Cluster-Wide Maintenance

  • Perform tasks in Maintenance-Mode across the entire database cluster.
  • Enable/disable cluster-wide maintenance mode with a cron-based scheduler.
  • Enable/disable recurring jobs such as cluster or node recovery with automatic maintenance mode.

MySQL Freeze Frame (BETA)

  • Snapshot MySQL status before cluster failure.
  • Snapshot MySQL process list before cluster failure (coming soon).
  • Inspect cluster incidents in operational reports or from the s9s command line tool.

New Operating System & Database Support

  • Centos 8 and Debian 10 support.
  • PostgreSQL 12 support.
  • MongoDB 4.2 and Percona MongoDB v4.0 support.

Additional Misc Improvements

  • Synchronize time range selection between the Overview and Node pages.
  • Improvements to the nodes status updates to be more accurate and with less delay.
  • Enable/Disable Cluster and Node recovery are now regular CMON jobs.
  • Topology view for Cluster-to-Cluster Replication.

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Release Details

Cluster-Wide Maintenance 

The ability to place a database node into Maintenance Mode was implemented in the last version of ClusterControl (1.7.4). In this release we now offer the ability to place your entire database cluster into Maintenance Mode to allow you to perform updates, patches, and more.

MySQL & MariaDB Freeze Frame

This new ClusterControl feature allows you to get a snapshot of your MySQL statuses and related processes immediately before a failure is detected. This allows you to better understand what happened when troubleshooting, and provide you with actionable information on how you can prevent this type of failure from happening in the future. 

This new feature is not part of the auto-recovery features in ClusterControl. Should your database cluster go down those functions will still perform to attempt to get you back online; it’s just that now you’ll have a better idea of what caused it. 

Support for PostgreSQL 12

Released in October 2019, PostgreSQL 12 featured major improvements to indexing, partitioning, new SQL & JSON functions, and improved security features, mainly around authentication. ClusterControl now allows you to deploy a preconfigured Postgres 12 database cluster with the ability to fully monitor and manage it.

PostgreSQL GUI - ClusterControl

Support for MongoDB 4.2

MongoDB 4.2 offers unique improvements such as new ACID transaction guarantees, new query and analytics functions including new charts for rich data visualizations. ClusterControl now allows you to deploy a preconfigured MongoDB 4.2 or Percona Server for MongoDB 4.2 ReplicaSet with the ability to fully monitor and manage it.

MongoDB GUI - ClusterControl

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