ClusterControl for PostgreSQL

Deploy and Manage the World’s Most Advanced RDBMS

The All-inclusive Open Source Database Management System

PostgreSQL is considered by many to be the world’s most advanced relational database system and ClusterControl supports its deployment, management, monitoring and scaling. Each deployed PostgreSQL instance is automatically configured using our easy to use point-and-click interface. You can manage backups, run queries, and perform advanced monitoring of all the master and slaves; all with automated failover if something goes wrong.

The automation tools inside ClusterControl let you easily setup a PostgreSQL replication environment, where you can add new replication slaves from scratch or use ones that are already configured. It also allows you to promote masters and rebuild slaves.

ClusterControl is your all-inclusive database management system that lets you manage all your open-source database infrastructure needs.

Benefits of ClusterControl for PostgreSQL

Deploy, manage, monitor and scale your PostgreSQL instances

Simple Scaling

Create new replication clusters to scale your PostgreSQL instances

Automated Failover Handling

Monitor your setup and automatically recover failed servers

Advanced Monitoring

Keep track of database and node performance

ClusterControl Features for PostgreSQL Users

Streaming Replication

Easily deploy and setup master/slave replication setups

Performance Monitoring

Monitor queries and detect anomalies with built-in alerts

Automated Day to Day Tasks

Manage configurations, schedule backups, encrypt client/server traffic

Configuration Management

Automatically manage and provision configurations for your servers

Automated Failover Handling

Detect master failures and automatically promote new master

Start Using ClusterControl for PostgreSQL