Automate your database ops without giving up control

Implement a Sovereign DBaaS to reliably scale your database ops without limiting yourself to an environment or giving up control of your infrastructure and database layer to third-party service providers.

Sovereign DBaaS = Control

What makes a DBaaS Sovereign?

  • Can be deployed in any environment
  • Philosophically grounded in end-user independence
  • Equipped with open-source / source-available databases
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Why implement a Sovereign DBaaS with ClusterControl?

  • Stay ahead of regulatory changes
  • Remove vendor and environment lock-in
  • Avoid key person dependency
  • Predictable license and infrastructure cost

Implement a Sovereign DBaaS with
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Your databases, your operations, your choice

Your databases, your operations, your choice

Implementing a Sovereign DBaaS model lets you determine the what, where and how of your database operations. Want to run open-source or proprietary databases, a mix of the both? Yes. Want to code their operations from scratch, or incorporate off-the-shelf tooling and solutions? Yes. Want to run them on-premises, in the cloud, what about a hybrid? Yes. The answer’s always, “Yes.” The only real question is, “How much control do you want and need over your data stack?”

Tweak and tune your infra and databases to your need

Tweak and tune your infra and databases to your need

A Sovereign DBaaS allows you to determine the level of access to the database and infra you need, for whatever the reason. Need a certain level of access for regulatory compliance or to configure your stack for optimal performance according to your application’s needs? The who and what of it is your decision.

Freely choose your database infra, anytime

Freely choose your database infra, anytime

Traditional DBaas vendors’ databases and infrastructure are tightly coupled, and often available only in the public cloud or provider ecosystem. Even if a vendor provides managed versions of open-source databases, moving to another environment or away from them is not trivial. By decoupling the data stack components, a Sovereign DBaaS implementation gives you the power to move and operate your data stack where and when you want.

Hear our CEO talk shop with industry experts

CEO Vinay Joosery discusses the growing concerns around data privacy regulation changes and how to achieve true data stack sovereignty by implementing a Sovereign DBaaS concept.


Which deployment model are you using?

Place your databases on-prem, in the cloud, or both.

Cloud hybrid deployment model
Multi-cloud deployment model

Where do you want to be on the Sovereignty Spectrum?

True data sovereignty means possessing as much control over your data stack as your capabilities allow. Minimize your dependence on proprietary products and vendor lock-in with a Sovereign DBaaS.

Sovereignty Spectrum

Unsatisfied with standard solutions, Bulutistan turned to ClusterControl for advanced database management, ease of deployment and real-time visibility across several database flavors.


After spinning off from Barclay’s, ABSA needed to reduce costs and streamline its hybrid database infrastructure. ClusterControl helped them harness open-source by automating database ops from a single pane of glass.

Kevin Naik

Head of DBaaS


ABSA case study

Faced with poor database performance and extended downtime due to prolonged failovers, Eurofunk replaced Oracle with ClusterControl – which now acts as their unified and feature-rich database cluster management system.

Stefan Rehlegger

System Architect


Eurofunk case study

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