Hybrid cloud deployments

It is not uncommon to use a mix of on-premises, private clouds, and public clouds as part of your overall, open-source, database operations. Ensuring that the orchestration between these separate environments is crucial and ClusterControl plays a vital part in keeping things synced properly.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid-cloud key factor

One of the biggest draws of the hybrid cloud model is the ability to act fast (“agility”) and adapt to business changes whether it’s a need to scale out capacity when it is not timely available in your local data centers or move non-critical applications to the cloud which is more cost-effective in the long term.

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Resilient Continuity

Resilient Continuity is providing business continuity which is one of the integral elements of an organization’s operations. Business continuity is all about continuing to do business during a failure or even a disaster and a continuity plan needs to be carefully planned, by taking into consideration to resilience, recovery, and contingency. Business critical databases can be deployed in a hybrid cloud setup, so that there is no data loss, even in the case of a disaster or emergency at one data center; this minimizes downtime and the costs related with the recovery of essential data.

ClusterControl can be used to provision and manage highly available database clusters across WANs with configurations optimized for increased latency and split-brain incidents with “full-ops” operational support for rapid scaling, cloning or restoring clusters with automated fault detection and recovery.