Version 5.7, 8.0

Ensure high availability for all your MySQL instances by automating deployments, both on-premise and in the cloud, following the vendors’ recommended best practices from the start.

Simplify replication management with seamless backup & restore, all conveniently accessible through a unified console.

Tech highlights


  • Oracle MySQL
  • Percona Server for MySQL
  • Operating system provided repository
  • Custom repository binaries

Replication types

  • Asynchronous
  • Semi-synchronous
  • Group replication

Top features

  • SQL & NoSQL
  • Simplified HA deployments
  • Advanced local and cloud backups

MySQL + ClusterControl Hybrid deployments

Deploy MySQL or Percona Server on-premise and in the cloud seamlessly via the topology of your choice. Import a Group Replication setup in ClusterControl or create a GTID configuration in your cloud.

Try ClusterControl with MySQL for yourself!

Features list

NoSQLicon checkmark
Storage Enginesicon checkmark
Backup & Restoreicon checkmark
— Fullicon checkmark
— Incrementalicon checkmark
— Partialicon checkmark
— Restore: PITRicon checkmark
— Clone / Duplicate nodeicon checkmark
— Local storageicon checkmark
— Cloud storageicon checkmark
— Encryptionicon checkmark
— Compressionicon checkmark
Cluster creationicon checkmark
— Asynchronous Replicationicon checkmark
— Synchronous Replicationicon checkmark
— Add node / decommissionicon checkmark
Load Balancer availability*
Security summary
— Key Managementicon checkmark
— LDAP integrationicon checkmark
— Audit logicon checkmark

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What about other forks of MySQL?

ClusterControl deploys MariaDB, Percona Server for MySQL, and Oracle MySQL under the “MySQL” heading. Where other forks may work, you should check the databases we support.

When importing an existing MySQL instance, will I lose or break anything?

No. ClusterControl will just include that instance in the console and allow you to manage it, but it won’t stop it nor change any executables or data. Here’s how.

Can ClusterControl restore a MySQL backup and the software, or do I need to install the binaries first?

ClusterControl can restore a complete backup into an empty server with the same OS. All you need is connectivity to the IP and a user.