Get the benefits of DBaaS without the lock-in

ClusterControl empowers you to fully automate your open-source database ops on-prem, in the cloud, or both without giving up control.
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ClusterControl supports the most widely-used open-source databases

Trusted by top organizations across the world

“The database supporting our care delivery systems is mission critical and uptime is of utmost importance. Managing our HA Postgres cluster with ClusterControl gives us full peace of mind.”
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“We’ve reduced MySQL cluster deployment times by 98% with ClusterControl, and improved DBA productivity while lowering costs by automating database management tasks”
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“ClusterControl’s robust and reliable solution has given us a lot of confidence in our architecture, the embedded monitoring alone reduces the need for a separate platform, and constantly provides a sense of security.”
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Confidently deploy what you want, where you want

Support your team with AI

Add a tireless virtual DBA who works 24x7 by leveraging ClusterControl's intelligent algorithms to detect and resolve anomalies such as replication failure and broken nodes.

Unlock the full power
of open source

ClusterControl is a database automation suite that you control, not a DBaaS controlled by someone else. The result? Full access to open-source licenses

Simplify complex database

Easily provision, manage, and monitor highly available databases on-prem, in the cloud, or both in minutes from a single pane of glass.

Still have questions? We’ve got you covered.

ClusterControl is a downloadable, AI-driven automation suite that allows users to quickly run full lifecycle database operations with minimal intervention.
No, ClusterControl is not a DBaaS. However, it provides DBaaS functionality (except for infrastructure provisioning) while giving you full control over your database infrastructure.
Our customers use ClusterControl to deploy, manage, and monitor databases on-prem, in private and public clouds, or a hybrid setup.
You can get a full list of features on our pricing page.