The All-inclusive Open Source Database Management System

Deploy, manage, monitor, scale your databases on the technology stack of your choice!

Key Features

One operational console for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Repeatable Deployments

Deploy standalone, replicated or clustered databases on the technology stack of your choice

Complete Lifecycle Management

Automate failovers, recovery and day to day tasks uniformly across polyglot databases and dynamic infrastructures

Proactive Monitoring

Unified and comprehensive realtime monitoring of your entire database and server infrastructure

Adapt to dynamic workloads

Easily add or remove a node with a single action


Your database anywhere

Use our database provisioning jobs to deploy load balancers, standalone database nodes to entire clusters on the technology stack of your choice; bare-bone servers, private or public clouds or containers.
Easily add existing database nodes and clusters too.

  • MongoDB, MySQL, MariaDB, Percona and PostgreSQL
  • Single instance to entire clusters
  • Deploy ProxySQL, HAProxy and MaxScale load balancers
  • Any infrastructure


Automate day to day tasks

Easily automate tasks uniformly and transparently across polyglot databases. Automate backups, health checks, database repair/recovery, security and upgrades using battle tested best practices.

  • Automatic self-healing nodes and clusters
  • Failover replication masters
  • Schedule full and incremental backups. Restore on any node.
  • Generate operational reports on cluster health, performance and availabilty


Proactive monitoring

Gain access to 100+ key database and host metrics that matter to your operational performance. Visualize historical performance in custom dashboards to establish operational baselines and capacity planning.

Proactively monitor and recieve advices to address immediate and potential database and server issues. Ships with over 100 built-in advisors or easily write custom advisors for your specific needs.


Adapt to dynamic workloads

Handle unplanned workload changes by scaling out with more nodes. Optimize resource usage by scaling in under utilized clusters.

  • Add and remove nodes with a single action
  • Automatically add slaves primed with datasets
  • Live migrate nodes to new datacenters