Operational Reporting

With live, real-time updates and after-action reviews of any specific event or occurrence, ClusterControl comes with operational reports on specific database-focused concerns like growth reports, database availability, backups, schema changes, and more.

Take advantage of ClusterControl’s operational reporting features and get all the information you need to stay informed and compliant.


Get a grasp on cluster state

Get all cluster information from the Default Cluster Analysis Report, from cluster group alerts down to the state of individual nodes.

Understand cluster durability

Availability is notoriously hard to measure and report on, which is why we’ve created a report which can measure your database uptime.

Detail operations as needed

Understand database growth trends, ensure clusters are up-to-date, detect schema changes, audit backups and more with drill-down reports.

Full-lifecycle operations for the most advanced databases

Bring clusters under ClusterControl’s “control” for completeness via the import process. “Cluster” is any replication environment or cluster using the most popular open-source solutions.

I have an error… or two

Within each specific technology, you can generate a complete error log that consolidates all logs available, both database and system and Prometheus, resulting in a zip file with everything you need to investigate or take to our support team.

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What kind of reports come out of the box?

There’s a default system report, a specific system report, a database availability, upgrade, backup, upgrade, and schema change report. You choose the cluster you want to report on, select the time frame and add the email recipients.

What about user reports, permissions, and privileges? Are there reports on these security questions?

Given the nature of reflecting users and status, this isn’t a pre-configured report and is best viewed via the User Management window and view the specific user or team.

Talking of reporting, can I report on ClusterControl’s status and how it’s doing?

Indeed. There are different ways to look at its health.

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