Configuration and performance management

ClusterControl makes configuration and performance management easy by providing you with pressure-tested, editable config management templates, and full-stack performance monitoring right down to the query level.


Carry out any and all operations

Manage all your clusters, generate reports, set up alerts, add integrations, ensure secure environment deployments.

Keep an eye on performance

Performance overview shows DB variables, status, growth, and schema analysis for the entire cluster.

Easily interrogate ops

Activity Center (Alarms, Jobs, CMON Logs & Audit logs) allows for a continuous follow up of all operations within ClusterControl.

Full-lifecycle operations for the most advanced databases

Bring clusters under ClusterControl’s “control” for completeness via the import process. “Cluster” is any replication environment or cluster using the most popular open-source solutions.

Environment performance in unison

Ensure easy performance analysis across all your environments from Test to Prod. Identify outliers and under-optimized queries quickly and let ClusterControl help you parameterize or identify that inefficient query, take it from Prod to Test, and focus on what needs tuning.

Try our configuration and performance management features yourself!

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ClusterControl is good for deploying, but I still like writing my performance scripts and the CLI. Can I do this too?

S9s CLI is great for this, as we understand that everyone will be looking to customize to some degree, whether it’s looking at process performance or reporting on a cluster.

What about providing recommendations on performance issues that arise?

The advisors do just this. They‘ll alert you of an issue and provide a piece of advice or suggestion for you to look into and evaluate if it fits, whether it’s security or disk space.

Can I also use ClusterControl to modify parameters within the optimization or tuning process?

Of course. Whether it’s the actual statistical performance collection itself or updating a parameter once the performance analysis has been concluded, just go to Manage, Configuration, and then Edit params.

6 easy steps to get started with ClusterControl