If the name Severalnines isn’t clear enough, the ClusterControl name says it all. We aim to ensure high availability for all your database failover needs via replication, sharding, or clustered deployments. That includes automating node recovery in any highly available environment or scheduled outage that can prove to be a challenge when combined with other IT projects.

Ready to achieve zero-downtime high availability with ClusterControl failover?


Configure to your needs

Define and modify replication methods and recovery modes for clusters.

Get a helping hand

Leave it to ClusterControl to perform automatic recovery according to best practices.

Schedule downtime

Coordinate downtime, e.g. for maintenance, across your database stack from one platform.

Full-lifecycle operations for the most advanced databases

Bring clusters under ClusterControl’s “control” for completeness via the import process. “Cluster” is any replication environment or cluster using the most popular open-source solutions.

Automatic node recovery: “look mom, no hands”

Enabling automatic node recovery is something every cluster administrator is concerned with and dreads having to prepare for, let alone actually execute. ClusterControl has it all worked out and at your disposal at a click of a button. 

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I want to deploy standalone as well as clustered environments. Am I forced only to deploy clusters?

Not at all. Deploy single instance clusters as well, and add nodes later if need be. Obviously, that’s not a recommended environment for failover, but once that’s understood, add nodes later.

Upon going for a HA setup, I’d also want to consider the type of replication to be used according to the database I’m deploying. Is that choice available?

Yes. Use asynchronous replication or semi-sync for your MySQL or synchronous and cluster-to-cluster replication for Galera. You choose.

Can I rebuild a replica from the console, or is that a manual task I have to take on board after losing a node?

That can be done, too, whether rebuilding a replica, adding a new node, or restoring a backup. All are available from the console.

6 easy steps to get started with ClusterControl