ClusterControl for MySQL

Manage all your MySQL servers, whether single instance, replicated or clustered with NDB or Galera.
Setup HAProxy with Virtual IP and Keepalived, or MaxScale with read-write split configurations


Deploy or add existing standalone MySQL nodes, MySQL Master/Slave Replication, MySQL (NBD) Cluster or Galera-based Multi-master MySQL clusters.

Setup and use HAProxy or MaxScale for SQL aware round-robin or read write split configurations.

Use the vendor of your choice; MySQL, MariaDB, Percona or Codership

MySQL Features

Complete Lifecycle Management for all your MySQL flavours

Performance Monitoring

Query Monitoring and anomaly detection, 100+ built-in and custom Advisors, Schema Analyzer and Transaction Deadlock logs

Replication Architectures

Asynchronous and Semi-synchronous, Multi-master Galera, Group Replication, Shared-nothing MySQL Cluster

Schema and Users

Manage your schemas and users across your database clusters. Get a centralized view of all your users.

Load Balancers

HAProxy with VirtualIP and Keepalived, preconfigured with intelligent health-checks. MaxScale for read-write traffic split.

Tutorials and On-Demand-Training

MySQL Load Balancing with HAProxy - Tutorial

We have recently updated our tutorial on MySQL Load Balancing with HAProxy.  Read about deployment and configuration, monitoring, ongoing maintenance, health check methods, read-write splitting, redundancy with VIP and Keepalived and more.

Galera Cluster for MySQL - Tutorial

Galera allows applications to read and write from any MySQL Server. Galera enables synchronous replication for InnoDB, creating a true multi-master cluster of MySQL servers. Allows for synchronous replication between data centers.

Our tutorial covers MySQL Galera concepts and explains how to deploy and manage a Galera cluster. 

On-Demand MySQL Cluster Training

MySQL Cluster training slides available on demand.

This is a comprehensive training course. Learn the important details of clustering in order to get started with MySQL Cluster. Students will achieve a better understanding of the internals of the cluster, which helps write scalable applications. 

MySQL Replication for High Availability - Tutorial

Learn about a smarter Replication setup that uses a combination of advanced replication techniques including mixed binary replication logging, auto-increment offset seeding, semi-sync replication, automatic fail-over/resynchronization and one-click addition of read slaves.

Our tutorial covers the concepts behind our MySQL Replication solution and explains how to deploy and manage it.

Webinar Replays

Managing MySQL Replication for High Availability

This new webinar on Managing MySQL Replication for High Availability led by Krzysztof Książek, Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines is part of our ongoing ‘Become a ClusterControl MySQL DBA’ series.

9 DevOps Tips for Going in Production with Galera Cluster for MySQL

This webinar guides you through 9 key tips to consider before taking MySQL Galera Cluster into production. If you are in devops, this webinar is for you!