ClusterControl for MySQL

Easily deploy and manage all your MySQL environments, whether a single instance, with replication or clustered with NDB or Galera

The All-inclusive Open Source Database Management System

ClusterControl makes it easy to deploy quickly and securely with point-and click interfaces. Once deployed, ClusterControl lets you monitor all your MySQL instances from a single interface, providing a unified view of your entire infrastructure. Ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting for MySQL is also made simple by removing the complexity that is often introduced when using multiple external tools.

It provides advanced support for failure detection and handling; it also allows you to deploy different proxies to integrate them with your HA stack. Making topology changes with ClusterControl is easy; it does all the background work to elect a new master, deploy fail-over slave servers, and configure load balancers.

ClusterControl offers support for standalone nodes, MySQL Master/Slave Replication, MySQL (NDB) Cluster, and Galera-based Multi-master MySQL clusters. It also let’s you implement high-performance load balancers like ProxySQL, HAProxy, and Maxscale.

Use the vendor of your choice: Oracle MySQL, MariaDB, Percona or Codership.

Benefits of ClusterControl for MySQL

Complete MySQL Lifecycle Management

Point and Click Deployment

ClusterControl makes MySQL easy and secure with point-and click interfaces

Peak Performance

ClusterControl gives you all the tools you need to ensure your database infrastructure performs at peak proficiency

Simple Scaling

Easily add and remove nodes and resize instances with ClusterControl

ClusterControl Features for MySQL Users

Performance Monitoring

Query Monitoring and anomaly detection, 100+ built-in and custom Advisors, Schema Analyzer and Transaction Deadlock logs.

Replication Architectures

Asynchronous and Semi-synchronous, Multi-master Galera, Group Replication, Shared-nothing MySQL Cluster.

Schema and Users

Manage your schemas and users across your database clusters. Get a centralized view of all your users.

Load Balancers

HAProxy with VirtualIP and Keepalived, preconfigured with intelligent health-checks. MaxScale for read-write traffic split. ProxySQL for balancing hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections.

Start Using ClusterControl for MySQL