ClusterControl for MongoDB

Securely manage the leading NoSQL database at a fraction of the price

The All-inclusive Open Source Database Management System

ClusterControl provides fully automated security, maintaining the integrity of your database infrastructure. With ClusterControl, MongoDB users are no longer subjected to vendor lock-in; you can now deploy and manage a variety of open source database technologies from a single console. Users of MongoDB often have to use a variety of tools to achieve their requirements.

ClusterControl provides an all-inclusive system where you don’t have to cobble together different tools. Used by enterprise companies with mission-critical environments worldwide, ClusterControl is feature rich when it comes to automated security, so you know you can depend on it for managing a stable MongoDB infrastructure.

In addition to all of this, ClusterControl is easy on your IT budget with comparable functionality to existing ops managers and nearly half the price.

Benefits of ClusterControl for MongoDB

Securely manage your MongoDB infrastructures and mixed open source database environments, while preventing vendor lock-in

Cost Savings

ClusterControl provides comparable functionality to existing ops managers at half the price

Automated Security

Unlike many out of the box solutions, ClusterControl provides fully Automated Security maintaining the integrity of your database infrastructure

Manage Mixed Environments

ClusterControl is the all-inclusive open source database management system for users with mixed database environments that removes the need for multiple management tools

Clustercontrol for MongoDB Feature Highlights

Easy Deployment and Scaling

Easily add and remove nodes, resize instances, and clone your production clusters with ClusterControl. You can automatically and securely deploy sharded MongoDB clusters or Replica Sets with the free community version of ClusterControl; as well as automatically convert a Replica Set into a sharded cluster.

Single Interface for Mixed Environments

ClusterControl provides one single interface to automate your mixed MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL database environments. With comprehensive monitoring you have a unified view of all sharded environments across your data centers and you’re even able to drill down into metrics on individual nodes.

Management and Backups

ClusterControl provides management features that automatically repair and recover broken nodes, and test and automate upgrades. Using the Percona MongoDB Consistent Backup tool, ClusterControl will allow you to make consistent snapshots of your MongoDB sharded clusters.

What Can ClusterControl Do for You?

Database Administrator (DBA)
System Administrator
Solutions Architect
Information Technology Leader

Database Administrator (DBA)

MongoDB is a technology not typically used by DBAs. ClusterControl makes it easy for you to securely deploy, monitor, manage, and scale MongoDB alongside your traditional SQL environments.

When MongoDB is suddenly your responsibility, ClusterControl helps you integrate it with your existing infrastructures. ClusterControl allows you to guarantee that the MongoDB databases you manage are stable and secure.

Database Administrator Benefits

  • Gain access to an all-inclusive system where you don’t have to cobble together different tools to achieve your database needs.
  • Feel free to use the vendor of your choice: MongoDB Community Edition or Percona Server for MongoDB, ClusterControl supports many technologies.

System Administrator

When you demand a secure MongoDB deployment, ClusterControl enables easy deployment of clusters with automated security settings.

ClusterControl makes it simple to troubleshoot a NoSQL database by providing easy-to-use management automation that includes repair and recovery of broken nodes, automatic upgrades, and more.

SysAdmin Benefits

  • Make your job easier and increase efficiency with the ability to schedule automatic backups.
  • Give yourself access to a unified view of all the environments across your data centers, even drill down into the performance of individual nodes.


Ever feel at odds with your DBA when working with MongoDB? ClusterControl allows you to ensure your company’s MongoDB projects are integrated with traditional open source environments in a way that is stable and secure… making your DBA happy.

ClusterControl can help bridge the gap between Developers and DBAs when it comes to maintaining MongoDB environments. When there is no DBA to help you manage your MongoDB environments, ClusterControl provides you with the stability and security your need to ensure the success of your project.

Developer Benefits

  • Optimize your database with server tuning features that allow you to tweak your code so it runs at peak efficiency.
  • Enhance the automation and security of your database with the Developer Studio, which provides an interface for developers and SysAdmins to create custom database advisors.

Solutions Architect

Integrating NoSQL into an existing environment can be challenging. ClusterControl allows you to securely deploy and manage MongoDB alongside other open source database technologies.

ClusterControl provides a vast array of MongoDB scaling functionality to ensure your HA environments perform effectively across regions.

Solutions Architect Benefits

  • Keep your data secure with advanced security features that add a high-level of protection to your system infrastructure.
  • Automatically repair and recover broken nodes, or test and automate upgrades with robust management features offered by ClusterControl.

Information Technology Leader

Does your IT budget always seem to be shrinking? ClusterControl provides comparable functionality to existing ops managers at half the price. Your teams can now deploy and manage MongoDB without the high price tag that’s typically associated with managing and supporting this newer technology.

With ClusterControl, you can rest assured that potential human error during MongoDB deployment is removed thanks to a suite of security features that automatically protect your databases from ransoms, hacks, and other threats.

IT Leader Benefits

  • Cut costs by enlisting the functionality of ClusterControl at a fraction of the price of existing ops managers.
  • Employ an all-inclusive system to oversee all of your open source database technologies form a single console and access comprehensive operational reports on the overall health of your database operations.

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