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May 30, 2024

CCX for Cloud Service Providers is now generally available

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of CCX for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), a cloud-native Database as a Service (DBaaS) designed to enable CSPs to enhance their services portfolio with a premium, out-of-the-box DBaaS....

May 28, 2024

Simplifying database orchestration anywhere with Terraform and ClusterControl

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has become key to modern software development. Terraform – one of the most popular IaC tools – won the hearts of DevOps teams by offering a vast ecosystem of providers that...

April 25, 2024

How to setup and install Elasticsearch: From a single node to a cluster of nodes

Elasticsearch is a complex software incomparable to other mainstream database software, whether it's RDBMS or NoSQL. It functions primarily as your search engine and works as your document database to store valuable data for analytics....

April 4, 2024

ClusterControl Terraform provider now available

We're pleased to announce that ClusterControl (CC) now integrates with the widely-used Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool - Terraform. With our Terraform Provider, users can build provisioning workflows into the deployment sequences of their ClusterControl-managed...

March 6, 2024

The what, why, and how of Elasticsearch failover

Elasticsearch failover - what is it? Why did it happen? Why would you bother? Failover is a common situation in a database world. Some failovers are planned upfront, tested in detail and executed by following...

February 28, 2024

The most noteworthy improvements in MariaDB 10.11

Improving on its predecessor, MariaDB 10.6, MariaDB 10.11 is the latest long-term stable series. It was released in February 2023 with ClusterControl support introduced in August of the same year. So what's new? We'll take...

October 6, 2023

Best Practices for Scaling A Multi-Cloud Database Infrastructure

Scaling a multi-cloud database infrastructure can be a complex and challenging task, but it's essential for businesses that require high scalability, availability, and reliability. With multi-cloud becoming increasingly popular, organizations are leveraging the benefits of...

September 1, 2023

ClusterControl adds Enterprise Binaries and new GUI in latest release

We’re excited to announce that ClusterControl v1.9.7 is now available! This latest release brings a major milestone —the official launch of our new web frontend, ClusterControl GUI v2. With a host of new features and...

August 22, 2023

4 Major Challenges of Operating A Multi-Cloud Database

Multi-cloud databases tend to be quite complex in terms of environment design. There are multiple aspects that have to be considered before deciding on the way the environment will be built. But you have to...

August 16, 2023

10 Considerations for Architecting a Multi-Cloud Database

Thinking about architecting a multi-cloud database? It’s an increasingly common topology nowadays. The adoption rate of a multi-cloud approach has been growing fast for years. It’s a solid option for a disaster recovery plan (DRP)...

May 30, 2023

Enabling enterprise logging with Elasticsearch, Kibana, and ClusterControl

Today’s typical enterprise database deployment footprint consists of different types of databases, each suited to the applications serving specific business needs. This may include SQL (MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, SQL Server, etc) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis,...

April 25, 2023

Challenges of multi-cloud architectures and how to address them

The cloud has revolutionized the way businesses operate, and multi-cloud is a concept that has been increasing in popularity over the last few years. With its ability to support geo-distributed topologies and provide robust disaster...

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