ClusterControl for MariaDB & Maxscale

Bringing database automation to the fastest growing open source database

Database Automation & Management for MariaDB

MariaDB is one of the most popular open source databases today, reaching more than 60 million developers worldwide through its inclusion in every major Linux distribution, as well as a growing presence in the world’s leading cloud providers.

MariaDB is built on a modern architecture that is extensible at every layer: client, cluster, kernel and storage. This extensibility provides two major advantages. It allows for continual community innovation via plugins and it makes it easy for customers to configure MariaDB to support a wide variety of use cases from OLTP to OLAP.

ClusterControl supports an array of MariaDB products letting you deploy, manage, monitor and scale from a single interface.

Benefits of ClusterControl for MariaDB

Easily deploy and manage your MariaDB instances from a single interface

Trusted Deployments

ClusterControl ensures your team can easily and securely deploy production-ready MariaDB database stacks that are built using battle-tested, proven methodologies

Peak Performance

MariaDB has introduced many performance enhancing improvements including query optimizations which, in benchmark tests, let MariaDB perform 3-5% better than a similarly configured MySQL environment

Maxscale Integration

MariaDB MaxScale is a database proxy that extends the high availability, scalability, and security of MariaDB Server while at the same time simplifying application development by decoupling it from underlying database infrastructure

ClusterControl and MariaDB Feature Highlights

Built for High Availability

MariaDB Cluster is made for today’s cloud based environments. It is fully read-write scalable, comes with synchronous replication, allows multi-master topologies, and guarantees no lag or lost transactions.

Advanced Security

MariaDB is engineered to secure the database at every layer, making it a trusted general-purpose database used in industries such as government and banking that require the highest level security features.

MariaDB Database Monitoring

Database monitoring in a distributed environment supports more than the database layer to include stack components, including monitoring of the underlying operating system, storage, network and load balancers.

Database Automation

At the core of ClusterControl is it’s automation functionality that let’s you automate many of the database tasks you have to perform regularly like deploying new clusters, adding and scaling new nodes, running backups and upgrades, and more.

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