Answering Eurofunk’s Database SOS Call

Jean-Jérôme Schmidt


Eurofunk replaces Oracle with feature-rich Severalnines ClusterControl

Today we’re happy to announce Eurofunk, one of the largest European command centre system specialists, as our latest customer. Severalnines was brought on board to help manage the databases used by European blue light services’ command centres who are responsible for dispatching response teams to emergencies. Eurofunk also provides command centres for well-known car manufacturers.

Eurofunk began operations in 1969 as a sole trader with a focus on consumer electronics and radio technology. It evolved into a crucial component of the emergency services in Europe, responsible for planning, implementing and operating command centres.

To provide efficient blue light services, it is crucial for Eurofunk to have an IT infrastructure which is highly available and fast. Unreliability and slow performance is unforgivable in a sector relying so heavily on speed of execution and directness of action.

Severalnines’ ClusterControl was preferred to Oracle because database speed was improved at a fraction of Oracle’s licensing costs. Eurofunk also experienced database downtime caused by prolonged fail-over times of their Oracle databases. With ClusterControl, it was possible to easily deploy an active/active cluster to reduce downtime scenarios. Galera Cluster for MySQL was chosen as a back-end database replication technology; Severalnines provided the platform to deploy, monitor and manage the back-end cluster and associated database load balancers, along with full enterprise support for the operations team.

Severalnines also helped Eurofunk improve end user experience for dispatchers working in the control centres. Rolling updates to the database layer is possible so emergency services have continuous access to up-to-date information to work with.

Stefan Rehlegger, System Architect, Eurofunk, said, “It’s been hard to find a unified feature-rich database cluster management system in today’s market but we’ve found one that has proved invaluable to our projects. With Severalnines’ help we’ve been able to deploy a centralised system across Europe and we’re planning to expand our usage of ClusterControl to other territories. The deployment via a web interface without any background knowledge of database clustering helps us make services available on a 24h basis more easily. Severalnines also provided great support during systems implementation; it is the database management life-saver for a fast-paced business like ours.”

Vinay Joosery, Severalnines CEO, added, “As an outsider who has watched too many TV shows, working in emergency response looks like the coolest thing to do. In reality the pressure command and control centres are under must be unbearable and to do their work effectively, they need the freshest information on accidents and emergencies. I’m happy to see Severalnines’ technology markedly improve the performance of their systems. Eurofunk keeps people safe and if we can keep their database safe and available, it means they can continue doing the great work they do.”

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