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MongoDB Management and Automation with ClusterControl

This white paper reviews the challenges involved in managing MongoDB at scale and introduces mitigating features of ClusterControl from Severalnines. As a best of breed database management solution, ClusterControl brings consistency and reliability to your database environment, and simplifies your database operations at scale.

MySQL on Docker - How to Containerize Your Database

This whitepaper covers the basics you need to understand when considering to run a MySQL service on top of Docker container virtualization. And although Docker can help automate deployment of MySQL, the database still has to be managed and monitored. ClusterControl by Severalnines can provide a complete operational platform for production database workloads.

PCI Compliance for MySQL & MariaDB with ClusterControl

This new whitepaper focuses on PCI-DSS requirements for a database back-end managed by ClusterControl and, more specifically, gives first-hand insight and recommendations on how to use ClusterControl to help make MySQL and MariaDB databases PCI compliant.

DIY Cloud Database on Amazon Web Services: Best Practices

Over the course of this paper, we cover the details of AWS infrastructure deployment, considerations for deploying your database server(s) in the cloud, and finish with an example overview of how to automate the deployment and management of a MongoDB cluster using ClusterControl.

Become a MongoDB DBA: Bringing MongoDB to Production

Learn from our MongoDB experts what it takes to ensure your MongoDB stacks are production-ready. This whitepaper includes tips and tricks that we have collected from our best resources to help you deploy, monitor, manage and scale MongoDB in your environment.

An Executive's Guide to Database Management ROI

This guide discusses the options available to IT leaders when bringing in open source databases into their environments as well as general information on the open source database market. Also included in this whitepaper are an analysis of the costs of both doing and not doing select actions which are essential to managing open source databases.

The DevOps Guide to Database Management

Relational databases are not very flexible by nature, while DevOps is all about flexibility. This creates many challenges that need to be overcome. This white paper discusses three core challenges faced by DevOps when it comes to managing databases. It also discusses how Severalnines ClusterControl can be used to address these challenges.

The DevOps Guide to Database Backups for MySQL and MariaDB

This whitepaper discusses the two most popular backup utilities available for MySQL and MariaDB, namely mysqldump and Percona XtraBackup. It further covers topics such as how database features like binary logging and replication can be leveraged in backup strategies. And it provides  best practices that can be applied to high availability topologies in order to make database backups reliable, secure and consistent.

Database Sharding with MySQL Fabric

Why do we shard? How does sharding work? What are the different ways I can shard my database? This whitepaper goes through some of the theory behind sharding. It also discusses three different tools which are designed to help users shard their MySQL databases. And last but not least, it shows you how to set up a sharded MySQL setup based on MySQL Fabric and ProxySQL.

Migrating to MySQL 5.7 - The Database Upgrade Guide

Upgrading to a new major version involves risk, and it is important to plan the whole process carefully. In this whitepaper, we look at the important new changes in MySQL 5.7 and show you how to plan the test process. We then look at how to do a live system upgrade without downtime. For those who want to avoid connection failures during slave restarts and switchover, this document goes even further and shows you how to leverage ProxySQL to achieve a graceful upgrade process.

MySQL Replication Blueprint

The MySQL Replication Blueprint whitepaper includes all aspects of a Replication topology with the ins and outs of deployment, setting up replication, monitoring, upgrades, performing backups and managing high availability using proxies.

MySQL Replication for High Availability

This tutorial covers information about MySQL Replication, with information about the latest features introduced in 5.6 and 5.7. There is also a more hands-on, practical section on how to quickly deploy and manage a replication setup using ClusterControl.

Management and Automation of Open Source Databases

Proprietary databases have been around for decades with a rich third ­party ecosystem of management tools. But what about open source databases? This whitepaper discusses the various aspects of open source database automation and management as well as the tools available to efficiently run them.

A Guide to Efficient Database Infrastructure Operations

Taking control of their data is every company's number one job.

Database operations encompass a number of functions, including the initial deployment of a solution, configuration management, performance monitoring, SLA management, backups, patches, version upgrades and scaling.

In this white paper, we will discuss the operational aspects of running database infrastructures, and how companies can make these more efficient.

Databases in Online (Social) Gaming

This paper discusses the importance of databases for the gaming industry, what its requirements are in terms of database technology as well as a discussion on why MySQL is or should be the database of choice for anyone wanting to develop online social games that are reliable and stable in all their aspects.