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Choosing a Database Proxy for MySQL and MariaDB

This whitepaper discusses what database proxies are, what their use is and how to build a highly available and highly controllable MySQL and MariaDB database environment using modern proxies.

ClusterControl - The Guide

ClusterControl differs from the usual approach of trying to bolt together performance monitoring, automatic failover and backup management tools by combining – in one product – everything you need to deploy and operate mission-critical databases in production. This Guide explains why ClusterControl is the only database management system you’ll ever need to take control of your open source database infrastructure.

MongoDB Aggregation Framework Stages and Pipelining

MongoDB supports rich queries through it’s powerful aggregation framework, and allows developers to manipulate data in a similar way to SQL. Effectively, it allows developers to perform advanced data analysis on MongoDB data. This whitepaper provides a foundation of essential aggregation concepts - how multiple documents can be efficiently queried, grouped, sorted and results presented in appropriate ways for reports and dashboards.

Disaster Recovery Planning for MySQL & MariaDB

Database outages are almost inevitable and understanding the timeline of an outage can help us better prepare, diagnose and recover from one. To mitigate the impact of downtime, organizations need an appropriate disaster recovery (DR) plan. This white paper provides essential insights into how to build such a plan, discussing the database mechanisms involved as well as how these mechanisms can be fully automated with ClusterControl, a management platform for open source database systems.

PostgreSQL Management and Automation with ClusterControl

This white paper discusses some of the challenges that may arise when administering a PostgreSQL database as well as some of the most important tasks an administrator needs to handle; and how to do so effectively … with ClusterControl. See how much time and effort can be saved, as well as risks mitigated, by the usage of such a unified management platform.

How to Design Highly Available Open Source Database Environments

These days high availability is a must for any serious deployment. Long gone are days when you could schedule a downtime of your database for several hours to perform a maintenance. Making a database environment highly available is one of the highest priorities nowadays alongside data integrity. For a database, which is often considered the single source of truth, compromised data integrity can have catastrophic consequences. This whitepaper discusses the requirements for high availability in database setups, and how to design the system from the ground up for continuous data integrity.

MongoDB Management and Automation with ClusterControl

This white paper reviews the challenges involved in managing MongoDB at scale and introduces mitigating features of ClusterControl from Severalnines. As a best of breed database management solution, ClusterControl brings consistency and reliability to your database environment, and simplifies your database operations at scale.

MySQL on Docker - How to Containerize Your Database

This whitepaper covers the basics you need to understand when considering to run a MySQL service on top of Docker container virtualization. And although Docker can help automate deployment of MySQL, the database still has to be managed and monitored. ClusterControl by Severalnines can provide a complete operational platform for production database workloads.

PCI Compliance for MySQL & MariaDB with ClusterControl

This new whitepaper focuses on PCI-DSS requirements for a database back-end managed by ClusterControl and, more specifically, gives first-hand insight and recommendations on how to use ClusterControl to help make MySQL and MariaDB databases PCI compliant.

DIY Cloud Database on Amazon Web Services: Best Practices

Over the course of this paper, we cover the details of AWS infrastructure deployment, considerations for deploying your database server(s) in the cloud, and finish with an example overview of how to automate the deployment and management of a MongoDB cluster using ClusterControl.