ClusterControl for Galera Cluster

Maximize efficiency and minimize downtime for your Galera Cluster, MariaDB Cluster or Percona XtraDB Cluster

The All-inclusive Open Source Database Management System

Galera clustering is a high availability solution for MySQL, which provides high system uptime, no data loss, and scalability. Building such stacks and maintaining these environments can be challenging.

ClusterControl simplifies the deployment and maintenance of your Galera setups.

Providing a unified view of your database clusters, ClusterControl offers both system-wide visibility as well as the ability to drill-down into specific nodes. It covers all aspects one might expect for a production-ready Galera setup, be it for Percona XtraDB, MariaDB Galera Cluster or Galera Cluster for MySQL by Codership.

Benefits of ClusterControl for Galera Cluster

Securely and efficiently manage your Galera Cluster deployments from a single interface

Maximum Efficiency

ClusterControl provides automated failure detection, failover, and automatic recovery of individual nodes or even entire clusters

Proactive Intelligence

Gain access to advanced monitoring features that give you insights into your database performance and alert you to any problems right away

Advanced Security

ClusterControl provides an array of advanced security features that you can depend on to keep your data safe

ClusterControl for Galera Cluster Feature Highlights

Dependable Deployments

ClusterControl provides advanced deployment, management, monitoring, and scaling functionality to easily get your Galera clusters up-and-running using proven methodologies that you can depend on.

Backups & Failover

ClusterControl provides automated failure detection, failover and automatic recovery of individual nodes or entire clusters. You even have the ability to schedule logical or physical backups and easily restore backups to bootstrap nodes or systems.

Advanced Monitoring

Database monitoring in a distributed environment supports more than the database layer to include stack components, including underlying operating system, storage, network, and load balancers. Advanced monitoring by ClusterControl gives you insights into the performance of your entire stack by detecting anomalies and alerting you to the problem early.

Node Management

ClusterControl provides you with the management tools you need to keep your database running at peak performance. Node management becomes easy with automated tasks, advanced security options, and the Dev Studio, where you can create your own database advisors to further customize your setups.

What Can ClusterControl Do for You?

Database Administrator (DBA)
System Administrator
Solutions Architect
Information Technology Leader

Database Administrator (DBA)

DBAs know a resilient database system requires load balancers to be on top of the Galera Cluster. Every load balancer comes with different installation and configuration steps to run along with Galera Cluster. ClusterControl supports HAProxy, ProxySQL, MaxScale and Keepalived and takes care of the deployment and management of load balancers via the ClusterControl interface.

Whether you’re a Galera expert or still learning the technology, ClusterControl helps take the complexity out of deploying and managing your Galera setups.

Database Administrator Benefits

  • Save time on your Galera deployments with point-and-click functionality.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple tools. With ClusterControl you can manage your entire database infrastructure from one interface.
  • Gain access to a complete view of your database with comprehensive monitoring in one place.

System Administrator

Often times SysAdmins are asked to take on the responsibilities of the DBA. ClusterControl acts as your virtual DBA, helping you manage your databases and providing what you need to pinpoint and resolve production issues.

Keeping Galera up-and-running can be a daunting task. There’s a lot to keep track of, like security, performance, failover and recovery, backups, upgrades and more. ClusterControl handles these for you with an easy point-and-click interface.

SysAdmin Benefits

  • Comprehensive reporting gives you a multi level view of your entire infrastructure, from high-level performance down to an individual node.
  • ClusterControl saves you time by automating the day-to-day database tasks, allowing you to answer the support tickets and networking tasks that you are also responsible for.
  • ClusterControl provides you with all the tools you need to achieve synchronous or asynchronous replication in multi-datacenter setups.


ClusterControl is an all-inclusive management system for open source databases and can help you cover lost ground when there are no DBAs and SysAdmins around to manage your database infrastructure.

With a range of automated security features, ClusterControl simplifies your Galera deployments and prevents the risk of hackers and security breaches.

Developer Benefits

  • Easily monitor the performance of your clusters and report on the health of your entire infrastructure with advanced monitoring functionality.
  • Point-and click deployments and comprehensive management features give you the tools you need to easily and securely scale your database infrastructure.
  • Create your own advisors and customize your deployments with the developer studio.

Solutions Architect

The performance of your infrastructure is imperative to you and the success of your company. Get the most out of your database setup and receive detailed performance metrics in real time with ClusterControl.

ClusterControl helps to automate tasks and gives you one single interface for everything you need to manage and monitor your Database infrastructure.

Solutions Architect Benefits

  • With automatic failover and recovery you won’t need to worry about fixing nodes when they break.
  • Better plan for future scaling with ClusterControl’s advanced monitoring and reporting functionality.
  • Increase application performance and simplify your overall architecture by removing the need for specialized caching servers like memcached and redis.

Information Technology Leader

Make sure your database infrastructure is stable and secure with ClusterControl. You can set your mind at ease because ClusterControl ensures that your Galera setup is properly managed, and can proactively alert on issues.

ClusterControl provides you with advanced user management so you know exactly who in your organisation uses your databases and how.

IT Leader Benefits

  • Keep costs low with ClusterControl. Eliminate the need for multiple tools and staff to manage those tools.
  • Simplify the operations of your infrastructure and gain access to reporting that provides a unified view of your system’s performance.
  • ClusterControl eliminates downtime and supports failover and automatic recovery. This is especially important for applications that are bound by an SLA.

Start Using ClusterControl for Galera