Announcing ClusterControl 1.7.4: Cluster-to-Cluster Replication – Ultimate Disaster Recovery

Forrest Lymburner


We’re excited to announce the 1.7.4 release of ClusterControl – the only database management system you’ll ever need to take control of your open source database infrastructure. 

In this release we launch a new function that could be the ultimate way to minimize RTO as part of your disaster recovery strategy. Cluster-to-Cluster Replication for MySQL and PostgreSQL lets you build-out a clone of your entire database infrastructure and deploy it to a secondary data center, while keeping both synced. This ensures you always have an available up-to-date database setup ready to switch-over to should disaster strike.  

In addition we are also announcing support for the new MariaDB 10.4 / Galera Cluster 4.x as well as support for ProxySQL 2.0, the latest release from the industry leading MySQL load balancer.

Lastly, we continue our commitment to PostgreSQL by releasing new user management functions, giving you complete control over who can access or administer your postgres setup.

Release Highlights

Cluster-to-Cluster Database Replication

  • Asynchronous MySQL Replication Between MySQL Galera Clusters.
  • Streaming Replication Between PostgreSQL Clusters.
  • Ability to Build Clusters from a Backup or by Streaming Directly from a Master Cluster.

Added Support for MariaDB 10.4 & Galera Cluster 4.x

  • Deployment, Configuration, Monitoring and Management of the Newest Version of Galera Cluster Technology, initially released by MariaDB
    • New Streaming Replication Ability
    • New Support for Dealing with Long Running & Large Transactions
    • New Backup Locks for SST

Added Support for ProxySQL 2.0

  • Deployment and Configuration of the Newest Version of the Best MySQL Load Balancer on the Market
    • Native Support for Galera Cluster
    • Enables Causal Reads Using GTID
    • New Support for SSL Frontend Connections
    • Query Caching Improvements

New User Management Functions for PostgreSQL Clusters

  • Take full control of who is able to access your PostgreSQL database.

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Release Details

Cluster-to-Cluster Replication

Either streaming from your master or built from a backup, the new Cluster-to-Cluster Replication function in ClusterControl let’s you create a complete disaster recovery database system into another data center; which you can then easily failover to should something go wrong, during maintenance, or during a major outage.

In addition to disaster recovery, this function also allows you to create a copy of your database infrastructure (in just a couple of clicks) which you can use to test upgrades, patches, or to try some database performance enhancements.

You can also use this function to deploy an analytics or reporting setup, allowing you to separate your reporting load from your OLTP traffic.

Cluster to Cluster Replication

PostgreSQL User Management

You now have the ability to add or remove user access to your PostgreSQL setup. With the simple interface, you can specify specific permissions or restrictions at the individual level. It also provides a view of all defined users who have access to the database, with their respective permissions. For tips on best practices around PostgreSQL user management you can check out this blog.

MariaDB 10.4 / Galera Cluster 4.x Support

In an effort to boost performance for long running or large transactions, MariaDB & Codership have partnered to add Streaming Replication to the new MariaDB Cluster 10.4. This addition solves many challenges that this technology has previously experienced with these types of transactions. There are three new system tables added to the release to support this new function as well as new synchronisation functions.  You can read more about what’s included in this release here.

Deploy MariaDB Cluster 10.4

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