ClusterControl for Solutions Architects

Ensuring security and stability for your infrastructure

Fully Integrated Database Management

ClusterControl provides advanced open source database management using proven methodologies and security best practices you can depend on.

The performance of your infrastructure is imperative to you and the success of your company. Get the most out of your database setup and receive detailed performance metrics in real time with ClusterControl.

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Managing Multiple Database Technologies

Why have different database technologies operating with different processes and procedures? ClusterControl is the all-inclusive open source database management system for users with mixed environments that removes the need for multiple management tools.

ClusterControl supports two dozen SQL & NoSQL database versions and proxies

Architecting Against Failures

As a solutions architect, one of your primary concerns is the availability of data at all times. With ClusterControl, failure handling and master promotions happen automatically to make sure that the replication setup is resilient to failures or topology changes.

$28K Savings with 5 Minutes in Reduced Downtime according to Gartner

Ensuring a Secure Infrastructure

Rather than letting your teams manually set up their open source databases, ClusterControl gives them point-and-click support to easily and securely deploy... removing human error. It is also equipped with advanced security features that add a high-level of protection to your database infrastructure keeping your data secure.

41K+ Estimated number of open source databases held for ransom in 2017 alone

ClusterControl for Solutions Architects Highlights

Seamless Integrations
Because we know that you work with more than one tool to deploy, monitor and get notified of your system's health and status, ClusterControl provides a variety of integrations and plugins to enable connection and compatibility with notification, monitoring, and a variety of other systems and tools.
Advanced Backup & Restoration
With ClusterControl you can schedule logical or physical backups and easily restore backups to bootstrap nodes or systems.
Automatic Failover
ClusterControl includes advanced support for failure detection and handling; it also allows you to deploy different proxies to integrate them with your HA stack. Making topology changes with ClusterControl is easy; it does all the background work to elect a new master, deploy fail-over slave servers, and configure load balancers.
Modular Systems Design
ClusterControl supports load balancing technologies to ensure the database layer is kept separate from the application layer. Applications do not need to know about changes in replication topology due to failures or other planned maintenance tasks.

Whitepaper: A Guide to Efficient Database Infrastructure Operations

The MySQL Replication Blueprint whitepaper includes all aspects of a Replication topology with the ins and outs of deployment, setting up replication, monitoring, upgrades, performing backups and managing high availability using proxies.
The only management system you’ll ever need to take control of your open source database infrastructure.