ClusterControl in Financial Technology

Ensuring security, compliance, and data Integrity for your database.


It’s no mystery that trends in Financial Technology are advancing rapidly, and that scaling with these trends has become increasingly difficult for all departments.

However, when it comes to one of the most important functions in the Fintech world, data management, it’s critical to not only keep up with the industry but to do so while maintaining an elite level of security, compliance, and data integrity.

In FinTech you’re held to arguably the highest standards when it comes to topics of security, compliance and data integrity. Vital database function like these are precisely why we provide a solution that makes day-to-day operations easier for IT departments in an fast-pace industry.

“Having a management system like ClusterControl has helped us achieve our goals“
Idris Khanafi
Head of Infrastructure at Veritrans

ClusterControl for Financial Technology


Tahsin Isin
co-founder and CTO of iyzico
“ClusterControl is the perfect solution. It helped us optimise the process of database replication and supporting active/active database clusters, so we can continue offering our services to our clients even when our main data centre is down.“

Ensure your data and deployments remain stable and secure, stay informed on database performance, prevent potential security breaches and reduce downtime.

Role-based access control, key management, authentication and SSL encryption
Rebuild and recovery features, automated backups and configuration defaults
Monitoring features, automated patches and upgrades


Keep your mission critical applications compliant with stringent SLAs and industry standards, maintain a highly available database and monitor the ongoing health and stability of your database operations.

Support for failover and automatic recovery
Easy access to comprehensive reports
24/7 real-time support (Enterprise Only)
Idris Khanafi
Head of Infrastructure, Veritrans
“Our database is where we store masked and encrypted credit card data, transaction data, merchant and end customer information. We cannot afford any downtime, performance problems or security glitches. Having a management system like ClusterControl has helped us achieve that.“

Data Integrity

Niko Lehtonen
Services Director, Paytrail Oyj
“To go from initial evaluation to full production within 4 months would not have been possible without Severalnines.“

Avoid disaster in the first place and maintain data integrity on the technology stacks of your choice, with features that support highly available deployments and rapid recovery time.

Delayed slaves, automatic verified backups and readily available disaster recovery
Load balancing, automated failover for replication and other high availability features
Comprehensive metrics, reports, performance alerts and notification functionality


With support for all types of database deployments, ClusterControl can help even the most complicated technology stacks deploy, manage, monitor and scale from a single interface.

Support for distributed database systems across-regions
Advanced management features for your database on premise or in the cloud of your choice
Support for mixed open source database environments across multiple data centers
Andy McCulloch
IT Manager, IIL
“ClusterControl gives us detailed insight into our database clusters in an intuitive format and we can now see what is really going on. Automating database management saves us time in writing new code for checks and maintenance tools.“

Cost Savings

Tomas Nilsson
CTO, Westpay
“ClusterControl provides the means for ensuring the highest possible uptime as well as running best possible performance at all times.“

Reduce your management and maintenance costs and let your team spend their time developing products and services that will grow your business and delight your clients.

Easy-to-Use User Interface, Point-and-Click GUI
Advanced Monitoring, Performance Alerts, ChatOps Integration
High Availability, Reduced Downtime, Simple Scaling

Whitepaper: PCI Compliance for MySQL & MariaDB with ClusterControl

This new whitepaper focuses on PCI-DSS requirements for a database back-end managed by ClusterControl and, more specifically, gives first-hand insight and recommendations on how to use ClusterControl to help make MySQL and MariaDB databases PCI compliant.

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Introduction to ClusterControl

ClusterControl is an all-inclusive database management system that lets you easily deploy, monitor, manage and scale highly available open source databases on-premise or in the cloud.
ClusterControl supports two dozen SQL & NoSQL database versions and proxies
Save more than $33K per year with reduced headcount needs
$28K Savings with 5 Minutes in Reduced Downtime according to Gartner

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