ClusterControl in eLearning

Performance & Scalability for eLearning Platform Databases

Each year the education industry has moved its traditional content delivery methodology to a more virtual environment using eLearning platforms. Elearning platforms, powered by a Learning Management System or LMS like Moodle and Canvas, help educators focus on quality content delivery and centrally manage the learner experience, all while providing relief from repetitive administrative tasks.

Although learning management systems provide a seamless experience to its end users, managing the database can be a daunting task. A seamless experience requires the LMS to have advanced database management to handle large volumes of data, high traffic, and ensure minimal downtime.

Deploying and managing a good data management system for high availability and scalability, all while protecting confidential data is no easy task. Learn how ClusterControl can help your institution with preconfigured database deployments, built for high availability to improve the experience of your users.

Benefits of ClusterControl for eLearning

Easy & Secure HA Deployments

Excellent Customer Service

Performance Monitoring & Health Checks

Rozaidah Mohd Yusop
University of Malaysia Sabah
Our previous eLearning setup was only able to support up to 1,000 concurrent users. When the country was affected by the pandemic, we knew it was time to scale out our database for better performance and high availability. With ClusterControl, we easily deployed a Galera Cluster which ensured high availability.

More Benefits of ClusterControl for eLearning

Deployments Pre-Configured for High Availability

Enterprise-Grade Backup Management

Automatic Recovery & Failover

System Operator
Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen
At some point, a mistake was made by us, making the database corrupt, but thanks to ClusterControl, fixing it was a lot easier than what it would have been without it.
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“It made life a lot easier when it came to database management. I was spending a lot of time repairing broken replications after very busy periods, where with ClusterControl, this is only one click away so to speak."

AP Hogeschool Antwerpen

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