ClusterControl for SysAdmins & DevOps

Full-cycle database management from a single console

Time-Saving Automation for Your Databases

Some are experts in databases, and some have them thrust upon them. As the system administrator or member of a DevOps Team in your company, the burden of database management has fallen on you. And in a budget-strapped IT world you are often asked to take on more and more, but keeping up with the maintenance and learning new tech is taking precious hours from your day. In short, your company is missing a database administrator (DBA).

ClusterControl is your DBA sidekick; and has you and your database administration needs covered. With ClusterControl, you can manage your organisation’s open source databases the same stable and secure way a seasoned database administrator would.

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Not Enough Hours in the Day

You’re a busy person and you don’t have time to learn every in-and-out of managing a complex database cluster; ClusterControl manages it for you. ClusterControl helps you automate your database administration tasks, saving you headaches and time that you can spend looking after your systems and supporting your customers.

23+ hours of manual work saved each month

Learning New Technologies

Often times deployments cause issues which take time to troubleshoot; ClusterControl makes it easy to deploy quickly and securely. While most SysAdmins know MySQL, it may not be their core expertise. ClusterControl embodies that expertise and helps you overcome any database management challenges you may encounter.

15+: number of tools & scripts it would take to do what ClusterControl does

Hey, You’re the DBA Now!

As a system administrator, chances are you’re often asked to take on the role of the DBA. ClusterControl acts as your virtual DBA, helping you manage your databases and providing what you need to pinpoint and resolve production issues.

100s scripts ClusterControl automates to ease your workload

SysAdmin Feature Highlights

Automated Deployment of HA-aware Databases & Load Balancers
ClusterControl helps you automate your database administration tasks, saving you headaches and time that you can spend looking after your systems and supporting your customers. ClusterControl comes with all the features you need to ensure your database infrastructure always performs at peak proficiency.
Centralized Database Management
With the same system you can manage upgrades, topology changes, and security patches. You can also schedule, repair, and recover backups and scale by adding additional nodes.
An All-in-One System
ClusterControl is an all-inclusive database management system that lets you easily deploy, monitor, manage and scale highly available open source databases on-premise or in the cloud… all from a single console.
Monitoring, Alerts and Collaboration
ClusterControl makes it easy to visualize your database performance, from 10,000 feet to 10 feet you can drill down to see every aspect of your data and how it’s performing. It also has alerts, custom advisors, and ChatOps integrations so you and your team can be notified the way you want to be.

Whitepaper: The DevOps Guide to Database Management

Relational databases are not very flexible by nature, while DevOps is all about flexibility. This creates many challenges that need to be overcome. This white paper discusses three core challenges faced by DevOps when it comes to managing databases. It also discusses how Severalnines ClusterControl can be used to address these challenges.
The only management system you’ll ever need to take control of your open source database infrastructure.