ClusterControl for IT Leaders

Ensuring cost-efficient performance and uptime for open source databases

The Challenge Grows as the Budget Shrinks

Effectively managing your database infrastructure is becoming more of a challenge. Gartner estimates that in 2018 more than 70% of new in-house applications will be developed using open source database technologies.

This shift in technologies coupled with the growing demand for sophisticated infrastructures requires advanced tools and knowledge to achieve high availability and peak performance for your business-critical applications.

ClusterControl is the all-inclusive database management system that allows you to deploy, monitor, manage and scale the most popular open source databases. ClusterControl also allows your team to collaborate from development to production to ensure a stable and secured, quickly deployed, stack.

Driving the Digital Transformation

ClusterControl was designed to easily deploy and operate the top open source databases with multi-master clusters distributed across hybrid multi-cloud environments. ClusterControl uses proven methodologies to drive cutting-edge infrastructures using the latest technologies.

ClusterControl supports two dozen SQL & NoSQL database versions and proxies

An Ever Shrinking Budget

ClusterControl provides an always-on solution for complete lifecycle management with automation that improves application deployment speed in high-velocity IT environments. It operates with the knowledge and skills of a highly-skilled DBA at a far lower cost than adding additional DBA support to your team. Skills that may otherwise be lost in turnover or attrition.

Save more than $33K per year per environment with reduced headcount needs

Maintaining Performance & Uptime to Achieve your SLA

ClusterControl is like having a 24/7 virtual DBA at your fingertips managing many time-consuming and error-prone tasks. This, coupled with automated failover and advanced built-in troubleshooting technology, allow you to operate your mission-critical applications with minimal downtime.

$28K Savings with 5 Minutes in Reduced Downtime according to Gartner

IT Executive Feature Highlights

Advanced Automation

ClusterControl provides you with unified management of all your open source databases covering the full life cycle from deployment to monitoring, management and scaling. It simplifies IT management, automates manual processes and speeds up your projects while reducing downtime potentially caused by human error.

Automated Security & Regulatory Compliance

ClusterControl delivers secure deployments with advanced encryption, audit trails, segregation of duties with precise access policies. It also manages your upgrades and security patches to ensure you maintain compliance.

Automated Recovery & Repair

Downtime of your mission-critical applications means loss of business and diminished reputation. ClusterControl provides advanced and automated processes and technologies to ensure uptime and performance.

Operational Reporting

ClusterControl provides you with comprehensive operational reports on the health and stability of your database infrastructure. Whether you need to show you are meeting your SLAs, keep track of the historical data of your systems, or even uncover undocumented changes to your database structure.

Whitepaper: An Executive's Guide to Database Management ROI

This guide discusses the options available to IT leaders when bringing in open source databases into their environments as well as general information on the open source database market.

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Introduction to ClusterControl

ClusterControl is an all-inclusive database management system that lets you easily deploy, monitor, manage and scale highly available open source databases on-premise or in the cloud.
ClusterControl supports two dozen SQL & NoSQL database versions and proxies
Save more than $33K per year with reduced headcount needs
$28K Savings with 5 Minutes in Reduced Downtime according to Gartner

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