ClusterControl for Database Administrators

Driving efficiency and stability through advanced automation

There’s More Work and Less Budget & Headcount

ClusterControl offers you everything you need to manage your open source databases end-to-end. From easy deployments of MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL to advanced monitoring and reporting features, coupled with management features built on proven methodologies, ClusterControl is your all-in-one, open source, database management system.

When IT budgets are ever-shrinking and the personnel you need to manage the explosive data growth getting larger, ClusterControl gives you the automation you need to deliver stable and high performance HA setups.

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Do More with Less

Managing multiple databases is time consuming. ith it’s broad set of features, ClusterControl offloads the DBA from a number of these tasks. Tasks like provisioning slaves are simple tasks, but the testing and maintenance needed can be time consuming. With ClusterControl it’s “click-and-done”.

15 - number of tasks ClusterControl automates to ease your workload

Staying Up-to-Date on the Latest Tech

With frequent new technology forks, new load balancers, new scripts and different ways of managing databases ever changing, it’s tough to stay ahead. ClusterControl embodies expertise and uses proven methodologies to overcome any database management challenges you may encounter.

5x - expected database growth every 3 years

Environments are Becoming Increasingly More Complex

Developing a highly available clustered database solution is complex and maintaining one is even more challenging. Ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting databases is easier with ClusterControl because it removes the complexity that is often introduced when using multiple external tools.

40 - Number of Databases a DBA should be expected to be able to manage on their own according to Forrester

ClusterControl for Database Administrators Highlights

ClusterControl Developer Studio
The ClusterControl Developer Studio lets you extend its functionality to allow you to create scripts, monitors and advisors that are custom to your application needs.
Utilizing the ClusterControl CLI & GUI
The Command Line Interface (CLI) allows users to perform most of the functions available within ClusterControl using simple commands. Used in conjunction with the powerful GUI, it gives users alternative ways to manage their open source database environments using whatever engine they prefer.
Advanced Backup Management
ClusterControl provides you with sophisticated backup and failover features with a point-and-click interface to easily restore your data if something goes wrong. It allows you to schedule automatic backups, increasing efficiency and making your job easier.
User Management
ClusterControl provides you with advanced user management so you know and report on who in your organization uses your databases and how.

Whitepaper: MySQL Replication Blueprint

The MySQL Replication Blueprint whitepaper includes all aspects of a Replication topology with the ins and outs of deployment, setting up replication, monitoring, upgrades, performing backups and managing high availability using proxies.
The only management system you’ll ever need to take control of your open source database infrastructure.