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An open source CLI for deploying and managing open source databases
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Automation Tool of Choice

Easily integrate it with existing deployment automation tools like Ansible, Puppet, Chef or Salt. This allows you to easily use scripts from your orchestration tools inside the CLI.

Seamless Integration

The ClusterControl CLI and GUI are fully integrated and synced to allow you to utilize the CLI for deployment, configuration and management whilst using the advanced graphs in the GUI for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Fully Secure

Communication between the CLI and the Controller GUI is encrypted with TLS. Hence, communication is secure between the CLI to the ClusterControl core.

About ClusterControl Command Line Client

Included as an optional add-on for ClusterControl, the new open source Command Line Interface (CLI) allows users to perform most of the functions available within ClusterControl using simple commands. Used in conjunction with the powerful GUI, it gives ClusterControl users alternative ways to manage their open source database environments using whatever engine they prefer.

The ClusterControl CLI allows users who prefer not to manage their databases through a GUI to have an alternative method to deploy and manage their databases, while still benefiting from the advanced automation and management features found in ClusterControl. All actions, such as deploying a cluster using the CLI, will be visible in the UI and vice versa.

ClusterControl Demo

ClusterControl CLI Feature Highlights

Deploy & Manage Database Clusters
Deploy and manage MySQL and PostgreSQL through the CLI.
Monitoring through the CLI
Get the status of nodes and clusters, extract cluster properties, and get detailed information about your clusters.
Deploy Load Balancers
Create and deploy load balancers like HAProxy and ProxySQL.
User Management & Automation
Create database users and grant permissions, Create and Restore backups, turn on maintenance mode, and configuration changes in your db nodes.
The only management system you’ll ever need to take control of your open source database infrastructure.