Webinar Replay: Disaster Recovery Planning for MySQL & MariaDB

Jean-Jérôme Schmidt


Everyone should have a disaster recovery plan for MySQL & MariaDB!

Watch the replay of our webinar with Vinay Joosery, CEO at Severalnines, on Disaster Recovery Planning for MySQL & MariaDB with ClusterControl

Organizations need an appropriate disaster recovery plan in order to mitigate the impact of downtime. But how much should a business invest? Designing a highly available system comes at a cost, and not all businesses and certainly not all applications need five 9s availability; though several 9s are always good to have 😉

In this webinar, Vinay explains key disaster recovery concepts and walks us through the relevant options from the MySQL & MariaDB ecosystem in order to meet different tiers of disaster recovery requirements; and demonstrates how ClusterControl can help users fully automate an appropriate disaster recovery plan.

Watch the replay!

And/or download the white paper of the same name!


  • Business Considerations for DR
    • Is 100% uptime possible?
    • Analyzing risk
    • Assessing business impact
  • Defining DR
    • Outage Timeline
    • RTO
    • RPO
    • RTO + RPO = 0 ?
  • DR Tiers
    • No offsite data
    • Database backup with no Hot Site
    • Database backup with Hot Site
    • Asynchronous replication to Hot Site
    • Synchronous replication to Hot Site
  • Implementing DR with ClusterControl
    • Demo
  • Q&A


Vinay Joosery, CEO & Co-Founder, Severalnines

Vinay Joosery, CEO, Severalnines, is a passionate advocate and builder of concepts and business around distributed database systems. Prior to co-founding Severalnines, Vinay held the post of Vice-President EMEA at Pentaho Corporation – the Open Source BI leader. He has also held senior management roles at MySQL / Sun Microsystems / Oracle, where he headed the Global MySQL Telecoms Unit, and built the business around MySQL’s High Availability and Clustering product lines. Prior to that, Vinay served as Director of Sales & Marketing at Ericsson Alzato, an Ericsson-owned venture focused on large scale real-time databases.

This webinar builds upon a related white paper written by Vinay on disaster recovery, which you can download here:

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