Video: ClusterControl Command Line Client (CLI) Product Demonstration

Art van Scheppingen


The video below details the features and functions that are available in the new ClusterControl Command Line Client (CLI)  Included in the video are…

  • Overview of the Command Line Interface
  • Installation of the CLI
  • Authentication & Security
  • Benefits of using the CLI
  • Context-based help through the CLI
  • Deploying new clusters
  • Viewing status of new clusters via CLI
  • Creating a database user

ClusterControl Command Line Client (CLI)

Included in the latest release of ClusterControl is the new Command Line Interface (CLI), which allows users to perform most of the functions available within ClusterControl using simple commands. Used in conjunction with the powerful GUI, it gives users alternative ways to manage their open source database environments using whatever engine they prefer.

The ClusterControl CLI allows users who prefer not to manage their databases through a GUI to have an alternative method to deploy and manage their databases, while still benefiting from the advanced automation and management features found in ClusterControl. All actions, such as deploying a cluster, using the CLI will be visible in the UI and vice versa.

The new CLI allows you to…

  • Deploy and manage database clusters
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
  • Monitoring Features
    • Status of nodes and clusters
    • Cluster properties can be extracted
  • Management features
    • Create clusters
    • Stop or start clusters
    • Add or remove nodes
    • Restart nodes in the cluster
    • Create database users (CREATE USER, GRANT privileges to user)
    • Create load balancers (HAProxy, ProxySQL.)
    • Create and Restore backups
    • Enable maintenance mode.
    • Configuration changes of db nodes

Learn more about the new ClusterControl CLI check it out here.

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