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The DevOps Guide to Database Management - New Whitepaper

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We’re happy to announce that our new DevOps Guide to Database Management is now available to download for free!

This guide discusses the challenges that DevOps teams face when they are required to deploy, manage and monitor database stacks. It also details the steps a DevOps team should take to ensure that they are operating an efficient database infrastructure.

Topics included in this whitepaper are…

  • Deployment Automation
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Schema Changes
  • Version Upgrades
  • Automated Failover
  • Data Distribution
  • Managing Data Flows
  • ChatOps

The whitepaper also discusses how ClusterControl automates deployment, management, backups, failover, recovery, upgrades, and even scaling to make sure your time can be better spent elsewhere.

The key to any DevOps approach is to deliver quality product releases faster. Without ClusterControl helping you deploy, manage, monitor, and scale you would need to cobble together many different tools and manual scripts… all of which would take time to both learn and implement. ClusterControl saves you many man or woman hours.

If your DevOps team is looking for insight on how to effectively manage your open source database environments or just need some tips and tricks to help you through…. Our new DevOps Database Management guide is for you.

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