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Become a MongoDB DBA - New Whitepaper


We’re happy to announce that our new whitepaper Become a MongoDB DBA: Bringing MongoDB to Production is now available to download for free!

This guide discusses the different versions of MongoDB that are available to you and how, once selected, you can take it from deployment to production. It also describes things you need to take into consideration like security and management.

Topics included in this whitepaper are…

  • Choosing the right MongoDB version
  • Securing MongoDB
  • Monitoring and Trending
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Scaling MongoDB

While MongoDB has spent nearly a decade achieving maturity, the technology is somewhat of a mystery to those experienced in traditional environments. This whitepaper provides a blueprint of what you need to know to ensure you are maximizing the potential of the MongoDB database.

If your team is considering or in the process of introducing MongoDB into your environment then this new guide on Becoming a MongoDB DBA is for you. If you want to dive even deeper into MongoDB make sure to check out the Become a MongoDB DBA blog series.

Single Console for Your Entire Database Infrastructure
Find out what else is new in ClusterControl

ClusterControl for MongoDB

Users of MongoDB often have to use a variety of tools to achieve their requirements; ClusterControl provides an all-inclusive system where you don’t have to cobble together different tools.

ClusterControl offers users a single interface to securely manage their MongoDB infrastructures and mixed open source database environments, while preventing vendor lock-in; whether on premise or in the cloud.  ClusterControl offers an alternative to other companies who employ aggressive pricing increases, helping you to avoid vendor lock-in and control your costs.

ClusterControl provides the following features to deploy and manage your MongoDB stacks...

  • Advisors: ClusterControl’s library of Advisors allows you to extend the features of ClusterControl to add even more MongoDB management functionality.
  • Developer Studio: The ClusterControl Developer Studio lets you customize your own MongoDB deployment to enable you to solve your unique problems.
  • Easy Deployment: You can now automatically and securely deploy sharded MongoDB clusters or Replica Sets with ClusterControl’s free community version; as well as automatically convert a Replica Set into a sharded cluster if that’s required.
  • Single Interface: ClusterControl provides one single interface to automate your mixed MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL database environments.
  • Advanced Security: ClusterControl removes human error and provides access to a suite of security features automatically protecting your databases from hacks and other threats.
  • Monitoring: ClusterControl provides a unified view of all sharded environments across your data centers and lets you drill down into individual nodes.
  • Scaling: Easily add and remove nodes, resize instances, and clone your production clusters with ClusterControl.
  • Management: ClusterControl provides management features that automatically repair and recover broken nodes, and test and automate upgrades.
  • Consistent Backups of Sharded Clusters: Using the Percona MongoDB Consistent Backup tool, ClusterControl will allow you to make consistent snapshots of your MongoDB sharded clusters.

To learn more about the exciting features we offer for MongoDB click here.

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