MariaDB Backup & PostgreSQL in the Cloud – ClusterControl Release 1.6.1

Jean-Jérôme Schmidt


We are excited to announce the 1.6.1 release of ClusterControl – the all-inclusive database management system that lets you easily deploy, monitor, manage and scale highly available open source databases in any environment: on-premise or in the cloud.

ClusterControl 1.6.1 introduces new Backup Management features for MariaDB, Deployment & Configuration Management features for PostgreSQL in the Cloud as well as a new Monitoring & Alerting feature with the integration with ServiceNow, the popular services management system for the enterprise … and more!

Release Highlights

For MariaDB – Backup Management Features

We’ve added Backup Management features with the addition of MariaDB Backup based clusters as well as support for MaxScale 2.2 (MariaDB’s load balancing technology).

For PostgreSQL – Deployment & Configuration Management Features

We’ve built new Deployment & Configuration Management features for deploying PostgreSQL to the Cloud. Users can also now easily deploy Synchronous Replication Slaves using this latest version of ClusterControl.

Monitoring & Alerting Feature – ServiceNow

ClusterControl users can now easily integrate with ServiceNow, the popular services management system for the enterprise.

Additional Highlights

We’ve also recently implemented improvements and fixes to ClusterControl’s MySQL (NDB) Cluster features.

View the ClusterControl ChangeLog for all the details

View Release Details and Resources

Release Details

For MariaDB – Backup Management Features

With MariaDB Server 10.1, the MariaDB team introduced MariaDB Compression and Data-at-Rest Encryption, which is supported by MariaDB Backup. It’s an open source tool provided by MariaDB (and a fork of Percona XtraBackup) for performing physical online backups of InnoDB, Aria and MyISAM tables.

ClusterControl 1.6.1 now features support for MariaDB Backup for MariaDB-based systems. Users can now easily create, restore and schedule backups for their MariaDB databases using MariaDB Backup – whether full or incremental. Let ClusterControl manage your backups, saving you time for the rest of the maintenance of your databases.

With ClusterControl 1.6.1, we also introduce support for MaxScale 2.2, MariaDB’s load balancing technology.

Scheduling a new backup with ClusterControl using MariaDB Backup:

For PostgreSQL – Deployment & Configuration Management Features

ClusterControl 1.6.1 introduces new cloud deployment features for our PostgreSQL users. Whether you’re looking to deploy PostgreSQL nodes using management/public IPs for monitoring connections and data/private IPs for replication traffic; or you’re looking to deploy HAProxy using management/public IPs and private IPs for configurations – ClusterControl does it for you.

ClusterControl now also automates the deployment of Synchronous Replication Slaves for PostgreSQL. Synchronous replication offers the ability to confirm that all changes made by a transaction have been transferred to one or more synchronous standby servers, which allows you to build data-loss-less PostgreSQL clusters; and faster failovers.

Deploying PostgreSQL in the Cloud:

Monitoring & Alerting Feature – ServiceNow

With this new release, we are pleased to announce that ServiceNow has been added as a new notifications integration to ClusterControl. This service management system provides technical management support (such as asset and license management) to the IT operations of large corporations, including help desk functionalities and is a very popular integration. This allows enterprises to connect ClusterControl with ServiceNow and benefit from both systems’ features.

Adding ServiceNow as a New Integration to ClusterControl:

Additional New Functionalities

View the ClusterControl ChangeLog for all the details!

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Happy Clustering!

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