Announcing ClusterControl 1.7.3: Improved Support PostgreSQL & New Cloud Deployment Options

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We’re excited to announce the 1.7.3 release of ClusterControl – the only database management system you’ll ever need to take control of your open source database infrastructure. 

In this release we have added support for running multiple PostgreSQL instances on the same server as well as improvements to PgBackRest to continue our expanding support for PostgreSQL environments.

We have also added additional cluster types to our cloud deployment and support for scaling out cloud deployed clusters with automated instance creation. You can now deploy MySQL Replication, PostgreSQL, and TimeScaleDB clusters from ClusterControl onto Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Release Highlights

PostgreSQL Improvements

  • Manage multiple PostgreSQL instances on the same host
  • Improvements to our support for pgBackRest by adding non-standard instance ports and custom stanzas
  • New PostgreSQL Configuration Management page to manage your database configuration files
  • Newly added metrics allowing you to monitor PostgreSQL Logical Replication setups

Improved Cloud Integration

  • Automatically launch a cloud instance and scale out your database cluster by adding a new DB node (Galera) or replication slave (Replication).
  • Deploy the following new replication database clusters:
    • Oracle MySQL Server 8.0
    • Percona Server 8.0
    • MariaDB Server 10.3
    • PostgreSQL 11.0 (Streaming Replication)
    • TimescaleDB 11.0 (Streaming Replication)

Additional Improvements

  • Backup verification jobs with xtrabackup can use the –use-memory parameter to limit the memory usage.
  • A running backup verification server now shows up in the Topology viewer
  • MongoDB sharded clusters can now add or register an existing MongoDB configuration node
  • Improved Configuration Management for MySQL, MongoDB, and MySQL NDB Cluster.
  • Improved Email Notification Settings
  • New Performance->Transaction Logs
  • Code Clean-up: legacy ExtJS pages have been migrated to AngularJS
  • CMON API Depreciation: The clustercontrol-cmonapi package is deprecated from now on as it is no longer required for ClusterControl operations

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Release Details

Running Multiple PostgreSQL Instances from a Single Host

Saving money and resources is something every SysAdmin and DBA is looking to do. One of the ways this can be achieved is by leveraging the same hardware to run multiple database instances, allow the operating system (not the server) handle the traffic routing virtually. In this release we are enabling support for this type of setup for PostgreSQL. Look for more information soon on how this can be achieved.

New Cloud Deployment Options

ClusterControl has offered the ability to deploy databases (and backup databases) in the cloud since ClusterControl 1.6. In this new version we have expanded this functionality to include new database types, rounding out support for the most popular open source databases on the market. With this release ClusterControl can now deploy…

  • MySQL
  • MySQL Galera Cluster
  • MySQL Replication
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL Streaming Replication
  • Percona Server
  • TimescaleDB Streaming Replication
  • MongoDB Replica Set

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