Management Automation for All Your Databases

  • Deploy, manage, monitor and scale entire clusters
  • SQL and NoSQL cluster topologies
  • SQL load balancing via HAProxy


Install ClusterControl

Control your Database Cluster

Stop Managing. Start Automating.

Discover the actual cause of performance problems,
rather than just symptoms

The database tier is oftentimes the primary bottleneck you will encounter as your application scales

  • Deploy
  • Manage
  • Monitor
  • Scale

Deploy entire clusters: on-premises or cloud

  • MongoDB, MySQL, MariaDB, Percona and PostgreSQL
  • Single instance to entire clusters
  • Any environment

SQL and NoSQL Clusters

Single instance to entire clusters

Easily deploy your databases on the technology stack of your choice: on-premise, private/public cloud, virtual machines, or containers.

SQL Load Balancing

Easily add high availablity load balancing to your database infrastructure.

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