Management Automation for All Your Databases

  • Deploy, manage, monitor and scale entire clusters
  • SQL and NoSQL cluster topologies
  • SQL load balancing via HAProxy


Install ClusterControl

Control your Database Cluster

Stop Managing. Start Automating.

Discover the actual cause of performance problems, rather than just symptoms

The database tier is oftentimes the primary bottleneck you will encounter as your application scales

  • Deploy
  • Manage
  • Monitor
  • Scale

Deploy entire clusters: on-premises or cloud

  • SQL & NoSQL
  • On-premises/Bare metal
  • AWS/OpenStack

SQL and NoSQL Clusters

On-premises Deployment

Automatically configure and deploy entire clusters from zero to fully operational in minutes on your existing on-premises servers.

Amazon EC2 Deployment

Automate the full deployment of your cluster on Amazon EC2 from a simple wizard. Deploying a cross-region multi-master Galera Cluster on Amazon has never been easier.

SQL Load Balancing

HAProxy load balancers can be easily deployed in front of your database nodes. It is possible to configure advanced settings such as connection timeouts, max number of frontend/backend connections, which backend servers (DB nodes) to include and whether they are deployed as an active or backup instance.

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