Management and Automation of MongoDB Clusters

Presented by Vinay Joosery
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Using MongoDB at any scale. As you scale, one of the challenges is optimizing your clusters and mitigating operational risk. Proper preparation can result in significant savings and reduced downtime. This webinar gives you the tools to more effectively manage your MongoDB cluster, immediately.


  • Deployment of dev/test/production environments across private data centers or public clouds
  • What to monitor in production environments
  • Management automation with ClusterControl from Severalnines
  • How ClusterControl works with TokuMX


Vinay Joosery

Vinay Joosery, CEO, Severalnines, is a passionate advocate and builder of concepts and business around distributed database systems. Prior to co-founding Severalnines, Vinay held the post of Vice-President EMEA at Pentaho Corporation - the Open Source BI leader. He has also held senior management roles at MySQL / Sun Microsystems / Oracle, where he headed the Global MySQL Telecoms Unit, and built the business around MySQL's High Availability and Clustering product lines. Prior to that, Vinay served as Director of Sales & Marketing at Ericsson Alzato, an Ericsson-owned venture focused on large scale real-time databases.

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