Cloud’s future runs through Sovereign DBaaS

Sovereign DBaaS is a new way to do DBaaS that allows you to reliably scale your open-source database ops without being limited to a specific environment or ceding control of your infrastructure to third-party service providers.

With Sovereign DBaaS, users can leverage the benefits of modern deployment strategies, e.g. public cloud, hybrid, etc., with additional security, compliance, and risk mitigation. So what exactly is Sovereign DBaaS and why should you choose one?

Presented by Sanjeev Mohan, Principal Analyst at SanjMo and former Gartner Research VP, and Vinay Joosery, CEO of Severalnines, this webinar dives into the future of the cloud and database management and introduces a new solution, Sovereign DBaaS.

Content of the webinar

  • The state of the cloud and its current challenges
  • What is Sovereign DBaaS?
  • Key features of Sovereign DBaaS
  • Why you should choose a Sovereign DBaaS
  • How you can implement Sovereign DBaaS with Severalnines
  • Q&A
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