Management and automation of open-source databases

Proprietary databases have been around for decades with a rich third ­party ecosystem of management tools. But what about open source databases? This white paper discusses the various aspects of open source database automation and management as well as the tools available to efficiently run them.

What we’ll cover in this white paper

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Open Source DBs -­ the New Data Center Standard?
  • 3. The Database Infrastrucnture Lifecycle
  • 4. Tools -­ Build or Buy?
  • 5. Database Deployments -­ Beyond Chef and Puppet
  • 6. Monitoring -­ Why Not Just Use Nagios?
  • 7. Management -­ a Rising Tide of Continuous Scripting
  • 8. Severalnines ClusterControl -­ a Systematic Approach to Operations

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