ClusterControl 1.4: The MySQL Replication & MongoDB Edition - live demo

Johan Andersson
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ClusterControl reduces complexity of managing your database infrastructure while adding support for new technologies; enabling you to truly automate multiple environments for next-level applications. This latest release further builds out the functionality of ClusterControl to allow you to manage and secure your 24/7, mission critical infrastructures.

In this webinar, Johan demonstrated how ClusterControl increases your efficiency by giving you a single interface to deploy and operate your databases, instead of searching for and cobbling together a combination of open source tools, utilities and scripts that need constant updates and maintenance. Watch as ClusterControl demystifies the complexity associated with database high availability, load balancing, recovery and your other everyday struggles.

To put it simply: learn how to be a database hero with ClusterControl!


  • ClusterControl (1.4) Overview
  • ‘Always on Databases’ with enhanced MySQL Replication functions
  • ‘Safer NoSQL’ with MongoDB and larger sharded cluster deployments
  • ‘Enabling the DBA’ with ProxySQL, HAProxy and MaxScale
  • Backing up your open source databases
  • Live Demo
  • Q&A
The only management system you’ll ever need to take control of your open source database infrastructure.