ClusterControl 1.2.11: Deploying MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL & MariaDB’s MaxScale in 40min

Art van Scheppingen
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During this live webinar, we demonstrated the latest ClusterControl release and its new features such as support for MariaDB’s MaxScale and related MySQL updates; this is also the best ClusterControl release for PostgreSQL yet.


  • For PostgreSQL
    • Deployment and Management of Postgres Replicated Setups
    • Customisable dashboards
    • Database performance charts for nodes
    • Enablement of ClusterControl DevStudio
  • Support for MaxScale
    • Deployment and management of MaxScale load balancer
  • For MySQL
    • Add Existing HAProxy and Keepalived
    • Deployment of MySQL Replication setups
    • Improvements in charting of metrics
    • Revamped Configuration Management
    • New Database Logs Page
    • Revamped MySQL User Management
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