Point-and-Click Database Cluster Deployments

ClusterControl’s point-and-click interface lets you automate deployment and scaling of database setups securely to get production-ready, clustered environments up and running in a very short time. Our database deployment tools eliminate the need for guesswork, or time-consuming experimentation with different open source utilities.

Deploy the Top Open Source Databases

ClusterControl ensures your team can easily and securely deploy production-ready, open source database stacks. It provides one common tool for MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres and MongoDB, using procedures that are battle-tested across thousands of deployments.
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Deployment & Scaling Top Features

Database Deployment Wizard
Database Importing
Hybrid Database Deployments
Database Load Balancing
Cluster Deployment
Database Deployment Wizard
Using its comprehensive database deployment GUI, ClusterControl ensures you can easily and securely deploy production-ready open source database stacks that are built using battle-tested, proven methodologies.
database import
Database Importing
With ClusterControl you can easily import and manage your existing database stacks that were deployed using other tools.
Hybrid Database Deployments
With ClusterControl users can launch cloud instances and deploy database clusters on AWS, Google Cloud and Azure right from their console.
Database Load Balancing
Database Load Balancing
ClusterControl allows you to deploy load balancers which are an essential component in database high availability; especially when making topology changes transparent to applications and implementing read-write split functionality.

Complete Load Balancing Support

Database Load Balancing allows you to optimize your available resources to ensure your database performs efficiently. It enables you to create custom database endpoints to help distribute the workload across different sets of database servers.
ProxySQL enables MySQL and MariaDB to easily manage intense, high-traffic database applications without losing availability. It supports read-write splitting of traffic, as well as query analytics on all traffic passing through it. Its ability to cache query results increases application performance while decreasing the load on the database.
HAProxy is an open-source load balancer which can balance any TCP service or HTTP-based application. It’s the historically most popular load balancing technology in the MySQL world.
MariaDB MaxScale is an SQL-aware proxy with support for read-write splitting as well as features like logging, writing to other backends, and firewall filter.
Keepalived is a system that allows you to achieve high availability by assigning two or more nodes a virtual IP and providing monitoring and failover on them. It effectively ensures that your load balancer does not become a single point of failure (SPOF).

Why ClusterControl for Deployment & Scaling

One System to Control Them All

ClusterControl allows you to deploy different HA architectures from MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Percona, and PostgreSQL. ClusterControl supports MySQL clustering solutions from Codership (Galera Cluster), Oracle (MySQL NDB Cluster), and MariaDB (MariaDB Cluster). All of these technologies can be deployed, monitored and managed from a single interface saving you time and money.
“With quick installation, ease of use, great support, stable deployments and a scalable architecture, ClusterControl is just the solution we were looking for to provide a strong HA platform to our customers.”
Xavi Morrus, CMO, MediaCloud

Explore All ClusterControl Features

Backup & Management

ClusterControl’s comprehensive backup management provides continuous data protection for your open source databases across local and cloud environments.

Monitoring & Alerting

ClusterControl provides a unified view of all your database deployments across multiple datacenters, letting you see the big picture or drilling down into individual nodes.

Deployment & Scaling

ClusterControl’s point-and-click interface lets you automate deployment and scaling of database setups securely to get production-ready environments up and running in a very short time.

Upgrades & Patching

ClusterControl ensures your databases stay up-to-date and compliant, reducing maintenance time by helping you apply upgrades and patches using battle-tested procedures.

Security & Compliance

ClusterControl ensures that your open source database deployments always adhere to the security model setups for each technology and keeps your critical data safe through encryption.

Operational Reporting

ClusterControl provides you with comprehensive operational reports on the health and stability of your database operations.

Configuration Management

ClusterControl makes configuring your databases easy by providing you battle-tested templates as well as making it easy to edit the configuration for your unique setup.

Automatic Recovery & Repair

The advanced automated failover technology in ClusterControl ensures your mission critical applications achieve high availability with zero downtime.

Performance Management

ClusterControl provides advanced monitoring and reporting features to let you easily keep a close eye on the performance of your database setups.


ClusterControl lets you deploy and run highly-available database clusters to AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.