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July 7, 2021

Hash Slot Resharding and Rebalancing for Redis Cluster

Redis Cluster with automatic partitioning uses a cool approach in organizing and storing the data, where the keys are stored in a hash slot and the keyspace is split into 16384 slots. Each master node...

July 6, 2021

Installing Redis Cluster (cluster mode enabled) with auto failover

Redis is an open-source in-memory datastore used as a database or cache. It has built-in replication and provides high availability via Redis Sentinel and automatic partitioning with Redis Cluster. In this blog, we will see...

July 5, 2021

Installing Redis Master-Slave with Sentinel for Auto Failover

In a previous blog, we already wrote on how to set up Redis Master-Slave replication with manual failover. The disadvantages of Redis Master-Slave architecture, as mentioned in a previous blog, refer to the ability to...

July 2, 2021

Installing Redis Master-Slave with Manual Failover

The use of in memory databases as a data structure layer for storing frequently accessed data is on the rise.  Infrastructure built for high concurrent traffic typically use an in memory database layer to implement...

June 28, 2021

Using Sysbench to Generate Test Data for Sharded Table in MySQL

Sysbench is a great tool to generate test data and perform MySQL OLTP benchmarks. Commonly, one would do a prepare-run-cleanup cycle when performing benchmark using Sysbench. By default, the table generated by Sysbench is a...

June 22, 2021

How to configure SELinux for PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB

Data is the most important asset in a company, so you should take all the security considerations into account in your database to keep it as safe as possible. One important security feature on RedHat-based...

June 21, 2021

Redis High Availability Architecture with Sentinel

Redis Sentinel is a dedicated process to automate and simplify the Redis replication failover and switchover. Without Sentinel, you could also manage your Redis replication manually, by using the SLAVEOF or REPLICAOF command. Sentinel requires...

June 18, 2021

How to Configure AppArmor for MongoDB Replica Sets?

There are many sections and layers of security if we are talking about the hardening of databases. It starts from the encryption of the underlying storage disk, database access privileges, authentication, network access control, data...

June 16, 2021

PostgreSQL Replication Best Practices – Part 2

In the first part of this blog, we mentioned some important concepts related to a good PostgreSQL replication environment. Now, let’s see how to combine all these things together in an easy way using ClusterControl....

June 15, 2021

CMON High Availability and Failover

High availability is a must these days and ClusterControl performs a key role in ensuring that your database clusters will stay up and running. On the other hand, how can we ensure that ClusterControl itself...

June 10, 2021

MySQL Replication Best Practices

  MySQL Replication has been the most common and widely used solution for high availability by huge organizations such as Github, Twitter, and Facebook. Although easy to set up, there are challenges faced when using...

June 7, 2021

PostgreSQL Replication Best Practices – Part 1

Using replication for your PostgreSQL databases could be useful not only to have a high availability and fault tolerant environment but also to improve the performance on your system by balancing the traffic between the...

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