Out-of-the-box DBaaS for your customers

With CCX for CSPs (Cloud Service Providers), you have a cloud-native DBaaS that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while generating additional revenue.

CCX for CSPs

Provide your customers with the most advanced and performant open-source databases as DBaaS

SQL Server

A drop-in DBaaS to accelerate
your time to market

With capabilities that improve your service offering by helping your customers focus on application development while reducing lock-in and regulatory risk.

Provisioning and deployment

Enable your customers to deploy high availability databases on your infrastructure with just a few clicks.

Failover and auto-recovery

Equip your customers to monitor the health of their databases and proactively fix any potential issues that may result in downtime.

Backups and DR

Provide your customers with the tools to implement a sophisticated backup and disaster recovery strategy that minimizes disruption.

Scale up, out and in

Allow your customers to easily add and remove replicas and tailor storage to meet their requirements.

Firewall and security

Provide your customers the confidence that their workloads are safe with firewalls and features like end-to-end encryption.

Database user management

Simplify your customers’ ability to manage role and access to their databases.

Observability dashboards

Deliver visibility to your customers so they can see what is going on up and down the data stack, pinpointing any issues.

Query monitoring

Empower your customers to identify their top queries and troubleshoot resource intensive issues within applications.

A simple, scalable architecture based on Kubernetes

No matter how many customers you onboard, you can rely on CCX to handle their needs.

CCX - Cloud Service Provider Architecture

Provide more value and increase your
bottom line!

What cloud services providers are using CCX?

We are currently building out managed services for two CSPs in Europe and Indonesia.

What are my deployment options?

You can roll your own so long as your infrastructure is based on OpenStack and you’re running K8s.

What are your compliance standards?

We are GDPR and ISO 27001:2013 compliant, and are pursuing our SOC 2 attestation. Find out more information here.

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