Out-of-the-box DBaaS for your customers

With CCX for CSPs, you have a drop-in DBaaS that you can use to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while generating additional revenue.

CCX for Cloud Service Providers

Provide your customers with the most advanced and performant open-source databases as DBaaS

With features that inspire confidence

Let your customers know they’re in good hands with DBaaS features that ensure data integrity, scalability, and sovereignty.

Provisioning and deployment

Your customers will be able to provision your infrastructure resources and deploy a database on them in clicks.

Failover and auto-recovery

CCX constantly checks the pulse of your customers’ DBs and underlying resources and proactively fixes any issues.

Backups and DR

Customers can implement a sophisticated backup and disaster recovery strategy.

Scale up, out and in

You can enable your customers to right size their data layer to their specific requirements.

Firewall and security

Firewalls and features such as end-to-end encryption give your customers the confidence that their workloads are safe.

Database users and databases

Give your customers the ability to simplify role and access management to their databases.

Observability dashboards

Your customers can see what is going on up and down the data stack, pinpointing any issues.

Query monitoring

Few DBaaS platforms empower customers to understand and troubleshoot how the application is querying the database, ours can.

A simple, scalable architecture based on Kubernetes

No matter how many customers you onboard, you can rely on CCX to handle their needs.

CCX - Cloud Service Provider Architecture

Provide more value and increase your
bottom line!

What cloud services providers are using CCX?

We are currently building out managed services for two CSPs in Europe and Indonesia.

What are my deployment options?

You can roll your own so long as your infrastructure is based on OpenStack and you’re running K8s.

What are your compliance standards?

We are GDPR and ISO 27001:2013 compliant, and are pursuing our SOC 2 attestation. Find out more information here.

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