When Would You Need a DBaaS?

Lukas Vileikis


If you are a database administrator or a developer that frequently deals with databases, chances are that you have sometimes considered using a certain Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution (or your company might be even using it now) – this blog post should help you find an answer to the question when would you need to use such a service in the first place.

What is a DBaaS?

To start with, we should probably tell you what DBaaS even means. The term DBaaS translates to Database as a Service – the term refers to such software that enables users to perform administrative tasks on their database without needing to setup or configure software or hardware. Database as a Service solutions frequently refer to computing services that lets users access and use a cloud database system without needing to manage it themselves.

Who Might Use DBaaS Solutions?

Businesses that might find database-as-a-service solutions helpful include, but are not limited to education services, banking and medical institutions, travelling companies, e-commerce solutions and so on. The businesses that might use database-as-a-service solutions frequently require their databases to be as performant as possible and also highly available.

CCX to the Rescue

Now that you know what database-as-a-service solutions are, who might use them and when, it’s time to look into how CCX can help you achieve your goals. Fire it up and you shall see a screen similar to the following:

Click Create data store and you will be presented with a screen like so – choose your data store, your database vendor and enter tags if needed, select the number of nodes you want to deploy, then click Next:

Step One

Now, select your cloud provider:

Cloud Provider

Select your region:


Select your instance size:

Instance Size

Finally, configure your network. You can choose it to be either Private or Public. When Private is chosen, all instances will be deployed in a VPC with private IP addresses, however, if you choose public, all instances will be deployed with public IPs and access to the public IPs is going to be controlled by a firewall:


Finally, review your deployment settings:

Deployment Settings

Now click Create data store and your data store will be created in a matter of minutes!


To summarize, a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) solution can prove to be useful if your business needs high-availability and your databases also need to be as performant as possible. CCX developed by Severalnines can enable you to deploy managed, secured MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL database clusters with a simple click on multiple availability zones on AWS. With CCX your databases are in great hands – when you are using the tool, you no longer need to compromise on high availability for performance or vice versa.

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