Webinar Replay: SysAdmin Working from Home? Tips to Automate MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres & MongoDB

Sebastian Insausti


Are you an SysAdmin who is now responsible for your companies database operations? Then this is the webinar for you. Learn from a Senior DBA the basics you need to know to keep things up-and-running and how automation can help.

Click Here to Watch the Replay


  • DB Monitoring Basics
    • Keeping tabs on CPU, Memory, Network, & Disk Space

    • DB Specific Metrics Basics

  • DB Backup Basics

    • Checking Backup Status

    • Backup Verification

  • DB Failover Basics

    • Getting DB Alerts

    • Understanding the Failover Process

    • Recovering Failed Nodes

  • DB User Management Basics

    • Creating New Users

    • Managing Privileges

  • DB Security Basics

    • Security Patches

  • DB Reporting

    • Doing Regular Health Checks

  • DB Automation Overview (Demo)

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