Webinar Replay: How to Manage MongoDB & Percona Server for MongoDB

Jean-Jérôme Schmidt


Many thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s webinar on how to manage MongoDB and Percona Server for MongoDB! The replay is now available for viewing online.

For this webinar we’d teamed up with Percona’s Tyler Duzan, Product Manager, who talked to us about some of the key features and aspects of Percona Server for MongoDB.

And our colleague Ruairi Newman compared the MongoDB-relevant functionality of MongoDB’s Ops Manager and ClusterControl. Participants learned about the differences between these systems, and how they help automate and manage MongoDB operations.

View the replay to find out more

Percona Server for MongoDB is a fully compatible, open source, drop-in replacement for the MongoDB®Community Server and provides MongoDB© Enterprise Edition features at no licensing cost, with additional storage engines and performance improvements.

ClusterControl is the all-inclusive management system for open source databases.

With Percona Server for MongoDB and Severalnines ClusterControl together, users benefit from à cost-efficient solution with additional features and capabilities.

View the replay to learn more


  • Introduction to Percona Server for MongoDB
  • How to automate and manage MongoDB
    • Installation and maintenance
    • Complexity of architecture
    • Options for redundancy
    • Comparative functionality
    • Monitoring, Dashboard, Alerting
    • Backing up your deployments
    • Automated deployment of advanced configurations
    • Upgrading existing deployments


Ruairí Newman is passionate about all things cloud and automation and has worked for MongoDB, VMware and Amazon Web Services among others. He has a background in Operational Support Systems and Professional Services.

Prior to joining Severalnines, Ruairí worked for Huawei Ireland as Senior Cloud Solutions Architect on their Web Services project, where he advised on commodity cloud architecture and Monitoring technologies, and deployed and administered a Research & Development Openstack lab.

Prior to joining Percona as a Product Manager, Tyler Duzan spent almost 13 years as an operations and security engineer in a variety of different industries. Deciding to take his analytical mindset and strategic focus into new territory, Tyler is applying his knowledge to solving business problems for Percona customers with inventive solutions combining technology and services.

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