Webinar Replay: Become a MongoDB DBA (If You’re Really a MySQL User)

Jean-Jérôme Schmidt


Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s webinar on ‘Become a MongoDB DBA’! Our colleague Art van Scheppingen presented from the perspective of a MySQL DBA who might be called to manage a MongoDB database, which included a live demo on how to carry out the relevant DBA tasks using ClusterControl.

The replay and the slides are now available online in case you missed Tuesday’s live session or simply would like to see it again in your own time.

Watch the replay Read the slides

This was the first session of our new webinar series: ‘How to Become a MongoDB DBA’ to answer the question: ‘what does a MongoDB DBA do’?

In this initial webinar, we went beyond the deployment phase and demonstrated how you can automate tasks, monitor a cluster and manage MongoDB; whilst also automating and managing your MySQL and/or PostgreSQL installations. Watch out for invitations for the next session in this series!

This Session’s Agenda

  • Introduction to becoming a MongoDB DBA
  • Installing & configuring MongoDB
  • What to monitor and how
  • How to perform backups
  • Live Demo


Art van Scheppingen is a Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines. He’s a pragmatic MySQL and Database expert with over 15 years experience in web development. He previously worked at Spil Games as Head of Database Engineering, where he kept a broad vision upon the whole database environment: from MySQL to Couchbase, Vertica to Hadoop and from Sphinx Search to SOLR. He regularly presents his work and projects at various conferences (Percona Live, FOSDEM) and related meetups.

This series is based upon the experience we have using MongoDB and implementing it for our database infrastructure management solution, ClusterControl. For more details, read through our ‘Become a ClusterControl DBA’ blog series.

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