Updating Your MySQL Configuration

Ashraf Sharif


Requires ClusterControl 1.2.11 or later. Applies to MySQL based clusters.

From time to time it is necessary to tune and update your configuration. Here we will show you how you can change/update  individual parameters using the ClusterControl UI. Navigate to Manage > Configurations.

Pretend that you want to change max_connections from 200 to 500 on all DB nodes in your cluster.

Click on Change Parameter. Select all MySQL Servers in the DB Instances drop down and select the Group (in this case MYSQLD) where the Parameter that you want to change resides, select the parameter (max_connections), and set the New Value to 500:

Press Proceed, and then you will be presented with a Config Change Log of your parameter change:

The Config Change Log says that:

  1. Change was successful
  2. The change was possible with SET GLOBAL (in this case SET GLOBAL max_connections=500)
  3. The change was persisted in my.cnf
  4. No restart is required

What if you don’t find the parameter you want to change in the Parameter drop-down? You can type in the parameter by hand then, and give it a new value. If possible, SET GLOBAL variable_name=value will be executed, and if not, then a restart may be required. Remember, the change will be persisted in my.cnf upon successful execution.

Happy Clustering!

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