PostgreSQL Management and Automation with ClusterControl

Jean-Jérôme Schmidt


We’re happy to announce that our new whitepaper PostgreSQL Management and Automation with ClusterControl is now available to download for free!

This whitepaper provides an overview of what it takes to configure and manage a PostgreSQL production environment and shows how ClusterControl provides PostgreSQL automation in a centralized and user-friendly way.

Topics included in this whitepaper are…

  • Introduction to PostgreSQL
  • Backup & Recovery
  • HA Setups (Master/Slave & Master/Master)
  • Load Balancing & Connection Pooling
  • Monitoring
  • Automation with ClusterControl
  • ChatOps via CCBot

You have many options for managing your PostgreSQL databases but ClusterControl lets you deploy, manage, monitor and scale; providing you full control of your databases.

If you are currently running PostgreSQL or considering migrating your database to PostgreSQL this whitepaper will help you get started and ensure your databases are optimized and operating at peak performance. Download the whitepaper today!

ClusterControl for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is considered by many to be the world’s most advanced relational database system and ClusterControl supports its deployment, management, monitoring and scaling. Each deployed PostgreSQL instance is automatically configured using our easy to use point-and-click interface. You can manage backups, run queries, and perform advanced monitoring of all the master and slaves; all with automated failover if something goes wrong.

The automation tools inside ClusterControl let you easily setup a PostgreSQL replication environment, where you can add new replication slaves from scratch or use ones that are already configured. It also allows you to promote masters and rebuild slaves.

ClusterControl provides the following features to drive automation and performance…

  • Deployment – Deploy the latests PostgreSQL versions using proven methodologies you can count on to work
  • Management – Automated failover & recovery, Backup, Restore and Verification, Advanced security, Topology management, and a Developer Studio for advanced orchestration
  • Monitoring – Unified view across data centers with ability to drill down into individual nodes, Full stack monitoring, from load balancers to database instances down to underlying hosts, Query Monitoring, and Database Advisors
  • Scaling – Streaming Replication architectures and the ability to easily add and configure the most popular load balancing technologies.

To learn more about ClusterControl click here.

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