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Percona Live 2017 - Severalnines Recap


Severalnines was one of the sponsors of Percona Live 2017 last week in Santa Clara, California and in case you missed the event here are some of the highlights.

Our Booth at the Event

Keynote Highlights

Videos from the Event

Severalnines was live several times (pardon the pun) during the event.

Our Sessions

In case you missed them at the event here are the slides from our presentations at Percona.  You can view all the presentations here.

Become a MongoDB DBA - Monitoring Essentials

Presented by Art van Scheppingen (@dbart_sql)

MySQL Cluster (NDB) - Best Practices (aka DIE HARD VIII)

Presented by Johan Andersson

MySQL Load Balancing

Presented by Krzysztof Książek (@krzksiazek)

Next Event

If you are interested in attending the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference, the next one will be held in Dublin, Ireland September 25-27, 2017

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