A Guide to MySQL User Management

Ashraf Sharif


Requires ClusterControl 1.2.11 or later. Applies to MySQL based clusters.

In this example we will look at how you can use ClusterControl to create a user and assign privileges to the user. We will create a user that has enough privileges to perform an xtrabackup.

In the ClusterControl UI press Manage > Schemas and Users, and then press Create Account. You will see the following screen, and here we have filled out the details to create a user with enough privileges to run xtrabackup:

Server refers to the server from which the user is allowed to connect. In Create On DB Node you can select a particular server to execute the CREATE USER/GRANT on. However, if you are using Galera clustering, then the CREATE USER/GRANT will be replicated to all DB Nodes in the cluster.

Then press Save User and the following will be displayed.

Following this you can then look at the user from the Active Accounts page (a reload of the page may be needed before the user is visible – known bug to be fixed):

You have now created a backup user that is allowed to perform backups.

Next you can go to Manage > Configurations and edit the configuration files of the DB nodes that you want to execute backups on. Add following lines:


Don’t forget to save the configuration file. This user will then be used by xtrabackup the next time you perform a backup.

Happy Clustering!

PS.: To get started with ClusterControl, click here!

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