DBaaS for Slow Queries: A Short Guide

Lukas Vileikis


If you’re a database administrator, you probably know how things are when it comes to database-as-a-service (DBaaS) service solutions. Some DBaaS services, of course, are better than others, some are worse, but the bottom line is that almost all DBaaS solutions are capable to help you improve your database performance.

Of course, database performance begins with a DBA or the developer himself – meaning that we have to care about the performance to begin with! And caring about your database performance usually begins with queries; queries that might be a cornerstone to your database performance in the first place.

How can DBaaS Help with Queries?

You see, most DBaaS providers (good DBaaS providers, mind you), develop services that be helpful with a lot of different things ranging from deploying database balancers to working with cloud providers for redundancy, they might be helpful for overview-related things (e.g. if you would want to overlook how your database nodes are configured, what database balancers do they use, look into some data store information, etc.)

A good database-as-a-service solution, such as the one developed by Severalnines, will help you with your queries: log into the service, click on your database node, then have a look at the query statistics by clicking on the Query Stats tab:

The query statistics page of CCX will display all of the relevant statistics relevant to your database nodes: this page will display the amount of current database connections that are initiated, also you will be able to see quite a few top queries.

The current database connections part of the page, as you can see, will display the user that is initiating the connection, on what instance queries are running, what the query is, what’s its state, and what’s the query time meaning that it can be incredibly useful if you want to tackle issues relevant to your queries when developing, say, applications facing the web. If you are developing a log in system, for example, you click on a button, and the site slows down or if you’re facing a similar issue, this page might be very well worth looking into. Don’t forget that CCX will also provide you with some deep insight regarding the top database queries in your database instance:

The top queries part of CCX will be able to display the database instance your queries are running on, the database they are running on, what the queries consist of (what query is running), for how long a specific query is running and how many times such a query has been executed (both the sum time and total executions can be filtered from highest to lowest or vice versa.)


Database-as-a-service solutions can be a very useful tool in your shed if you are dealing with slow application performance. If we have been successful in convincing you that CCX is able to solve the issues relevant to your business, make sure to give it a try today.

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