SQL Server Always On availability groups now supported in ClusterControl's Latest Release

Lukas Vileikis


It’s an understatement to say that we’re very excited to announce our first release of 2022 — ClusterControl 1.9.2! This release supports high-availability SQL Server 2019 clusters, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), new versions of MariaDB, PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, and multiple operating systems, as well as the latest improvements for ClusterControl v2. Keep reading — we will tell you all about it in this post.

ClusterControl 1.9.2 at a Glance

A high-level overview of the features that ClusterControl 1.9.2 comes with include:

  • Support for Always On Availability Groups for Microsoft SQL Server 2019.
  • Users can now enable SNMP traps to send alarms and alerts to SNMP monitoring systems.
  • Support for AlmaLinux 8.x, RockyLinux 8.x, Debian 11.x, MariaDB 10.6, PostgreSQL 14 and TimescaleDB with PG v13 and 14.

Support for High-availability SQL Server 2019

Users can now deploy a high-availability SQL Server 2019 cluster with up to 8 nodes (1 primary / 7 replicas) with asynchronous replication. This release also includes performance monitoring enhancements and the ability to upload backups to the cloud. To get more details about the enhancements, visit our release notes.

Support for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

ClusterControl 1.9.2 enables users to send alarms to SNMP monitoring systems via SNMP traps. The feature is very easy to enable by adding an SNMP monitoring/target host, port, and a trap community string. That can be done by editing the CMON configuration file directly or making changes using the ‘Runtime configuration’ feature. When using this feature, ClusterControl automatically generates a MIB file.

Support for new database and operating system versions

ClusterControl 1.9.2 comes with support for multiple new database and operating system versions:

  • Database version updates:
    • MariaDB 10.6
    • PostgreSQL 14
    • TimescaleDB w/PG v13 and 14


  • Operating system version updates:
    • AlmaLinux 8.x
    • RockyLinux 8.x
    • Debian 11.x

Wrapping up

We’ve put a lot of work into building out SQL Server 2019 to make it production-grade and enhancing the rest of the platform. Be sure to visit our changelog for detailed notes on the latest features, including how to access these features and what versions of SNMP are supported. 

We’ve got a lot more work ahead of us, including a new search database, so stay tuned by following us on Twitter or LinkedIn, or subscribing to our RSS feed, and we will see you in the next one. In the meantime, upgrade to the latest version of ClusterControl and enjoy!

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