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Lukas Vileikis


If you’re familiar with Severalnines’ product offerings, chances are you have probably heard about gridscale too. Well, we have some good news. Our flagship product – ClusterControl – is now available on the gridscale marketplace!

What is gridscale and How is ClusterControl Related to It?

The Cologne-based IaaS and PaaS provider gridscale stands for intuitively usable and flexible cloud technologies. Via an easy-to-understand interface, the IT infrastructure can also be managed by people without in-depth IT know-how. A Kubernetes environment facilitates even the management of cloud-native workloads. Thousands of companies, agencies and managed service providers already rely on gridscale for the realisation and operation of their digital projects – from high-traffic web shops to complex SaaS or enterprise IT solutions. White label options are available to resellers and with the gridscale software Hybrid Core, data centre operators can become cloud providers themselves.

Since the beginning of February, Severalnines has added ClusterControl to gridscale’s marketplace allowing both customers of Severalnines and gridscale to manage the entire database lifecycle through a unified console. ClusterControl provides a couple of ways to interact with the ClusterControl (CMON) service: it’s the ClusterControl GUI (a web application) and the ClusterControl CLI (a command-line client called “s9s”, also known as “s9s-tools”) – ClusterControl enables you to manage the entire database lifecycle through a user-friendly and unified console allowing the end-users to focus on what’s relevant: the consistent availability of your applications and performance without the overhead of database operations. You can read more about ClusterControl in the ClusterControl documentation.

How Can Severalnines Customers Benefit From gridscale?

gridscale offers products that can help:

  • Configure and save costs on configuring Kubernetes clusters.

  • PaaS from gridscale can help eliminate all the time-consuming management of services (e.g installations, management, monitoring etc.) – their smart PaaS scales automatically, it also helps avoid vendor lock-in, restore code and data (their PaaS solution will let  you reset your database to a previous state) – they pride themselves on being the “world’s smartest PaaS”

  • Serve you all of the cloud advantages on a “silver platter” – gridscale grants you total freedom with the operation of your apps and workloads.

  • And more! Learn more about some of their offerings here.

gridscale also offers a 10 euro credit voucher – for those users who want to test Severalnines’ ClusterControl on gridscale, ClusterControl comes with a free trial and the first 10 euro of the gridscale infrastructure cost is on gridscale if you apply a voucher with the code “clustercontrol”.

gridscale – An Overview

When you first login to gridscale, you will be greeted with a panel that looks something like this (the explanation you see on the screen appears when the “Smart Guide” button is clicked):

The guide will let you know about everything that gridscale can do for you: it will inform you how you should check your server details, how to start, stop, edit and delete your servers, how you can transform the UX into one that’s more pleasurable for your eyes etc.

gridscale also has a menu on the left side of the screen. The menu lets you visit the dashboard, see your costs & account overview on the Usage page, see all of your aggregated backups created at gridscale at the Backup Center and other things:

As far as security is concerned, gridscale has thought this one out too – you can apply a firewall template to any server you use. Here’s how that looks like:

Before applying a firewall template you can also create one yourself and configure the firewall the way you want it to work:

gridscale also has a marketplace section.

When ClusterControl is chosen, gridscale also provides you with the instructions on how to set everything up while also providing you with an overview of all of the ClusterControl’s features:


ClusterControl is now available on gridscale which is an innovative and secure IaaS and PaaS offering. From now on, you can bring your ClusterControl deployment to gridscale and enjoy benefits including, but not limited to lightning fast database infrastructure management, fully automated database ops, independent resource selection and scaling during operation, 1Gbit/s unlimited network speed for each virtual machine etc. – in general, gridscale provides a reliable cloud platform with a 100% uptime SLA, and we think that both customers of ClusterControl and gridscale will benefit from such a collaboration.

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